Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I gotta check my map!

It's time for the annual sharing of the costumes! This year, I went as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery service. But, the fun twist is that my 2.5 year old niece ALSO went as Kiki.


Thankfully, I didn't have to actually stand near her or I would have felt really uncute. Because let's face it, she's adorable.

I'm on the right, in case you couldn't tell.

The positive of going as a Studio Ghibli character is that you're adorable. The negative is that people don't get your costume.

Whatever, though. I get to just wear this dress like a normal outfit now, so that's great!

What'd you guys dress up as?


Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Just a short post today to wish you a Happy Halloween!

And to share my all time favorite YouTube video which also happens to be a Halloween video. Just open it in a new tab and click play whenever you need to smile today.

Have a 'spoopy' day!


Friday, October 24, 2014

The Proposal

It's been a while, eh?

What's new....what's new....

We're engaged!!!!


Oh, and we moved back to Michigan. It's been a pretty exciting October. :)

What's that? You want to hear the engagement story? Oh, okay, I'll share it. :)

Last weekend, John and I were planning a very Grand Rapids day. We went to lunch at Perrin Brewery (yum). And then planned on going to an orchard for donuts and cider and then heading downtown for a day of fun. Sounds great, right? Right.

So after lunch, we headed to the orchard and fed baby goats. Oh my god, they were adorable. They just nibble out of your hands. Had the day ended there I'd say it was great. But nope, it got better!

We saw that they had a corn maize and set off to find it by walking around and taking pictures. Eventually, we realized we needed to turn around and ask for directions. Because, of course the corn maize isn't just right there.

On the way back to the shop, we came across a tree that looked like fire and John suggested we take pictures in front of it. Hell yes. I love cute pictures! After we snapped a few and were reviewing them, I noticed John had ended up on one knee and my brain started going a mile a minute.

And then he said, "Amanda, will you marry me?"

And I said something like "Really? Of course! Yes! Are you serious?" And I fumbled with my camera and deciding to take pictures or just embrace the moment (went with the latter). And the rest, as they say, is history!

Now I'm in full excitement mode! And planning! And smiling non-stop! It's just the absolute best thing that's happened in the history of everything.

I hope to blog more soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Birthday Bliss

It's Thursday. And my birthday was last weekend and I had every intention of talking about it but then I didn't. So that's a thing that happened.

I'm 28 now. Which didn't seem weird to me until my brother called and told me that he can't wrap his mind around the fact that his little sister (again, me) was "almost 30". So I guess now I feel a bit older. Because I was told that I'm older.

I used to be the type of person that just went crazy for my birthday. I would plan parties and themes well in advance and a bunch of people would come to celebrate me and I was living the dream! Then some annoying BS happened and I stopped loving my birthday to the point where last year I didn't even have people over. How weird is that?

This year, I eased back into things because my BFF was going to be visiting. So we went mini golfing on Saturday at this amazing little place north of the city in Skokie.

The guy builds each of the obstacles and there are ones with moving parts and pop culture references so it's amazing. I mean, I spent my birthday with 2 of my favorite people and the TARDIS. So I don't see how it can get much better (spoiler it does).

We headed home and got ready for my "party". I say it like that because I was really nervous about having people over. So I planned a low key night with a few close friends and board games and beers. And it was AWESOME! I mean it. I'm still not sure how excited I'll be about birthdays future but this was perfect.

Anytime you can sit in a room with people who are really present and want to have fun and enjoy the things you do is just the best thing in the whole world. And then your boyfriend might do something adorable like commission a cake that looks identical to your 101 Dalmatians cake from your 6th birthday. And it goes to a new level of bliss. 

Basically, birthdays are good again. And I love my friends. And I love John. And I love my family. And I love cake. So that's a recap.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

5k, baby!

I did my first 5k this past Saturday. Please note, I didn't say that I ran my first 5k. I mostly walked, and that's FINE.

First of all, I sprained my ankle while on vacation, so I couldn't run if I tried. Secondly, I totally jogged more than John expected me to and when we were walking, it was a fast walk. Thirdly, I had a very busy July so my Couch to 5k program was a bust anyway.

But whatever! I did it! I made it through a whole 5k in sunny 85 degree weather and I'm awesome.

Also, it was a color run (technically Graffiti Run). Obviously. So I ended the day covered in colorful powder that took at least 45 minutes to clean off my skin. It was fun, but it definitely wasn't serious. 90% of the people walked (slower than us, thank god). I'd recommend it for a good time but I'd also never do another one. So take that for what it's worth.

Trust me, I'm not the most fit person. So if I can make it through a 5k - YOU can make it through one. You are amazing!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Vermont Wedding Bliss

You know those weddings that you see on Pinterest and you think to yourself "nope, that's not real. That's a magazine."? Well, I went to one of those weddings last week and I can confirm that not only are they real but they're magic.

Let's back up a little and get some back story here. Last week, John and I drove out to Vermont to attend the much anticipated wedding of my step sister, Lauren and her main squeeze, Ira. And when I say "much anticipated" I mean I've been waiting a year for this shindig, all the while getting bits and pieces of the planning and hard work going on at my dad and Jean's house. Their basement was wedding central and it was amazing.

So, we drive out to Vermont (by way of Michigan-Canada-New York) and the second you get into the state it's just like "Yep, this is where beautiful weddings happen. I get it." There are rolling green mountains and beautiful blue skies as far as the eyes can see. Once you get over your poor decision in hotel choices (looking at you Hilltop Inn) and get into the wedding mindset - you're whisked off to the countryside for a rehearsal dinner in a freshly built wood barn.

I shit you not - it was the most beautiful building on the most beautiful plot of land. And to make things even better, there's a wood fired pizza oven ON SITE churning out tasty noms for the whole party. So, you're wandering through this amazing place and looking out on the mountain view with the people you love and you realize, "Oh, this is just the rehearsal. Oh god. What is this magic?"

Apparently there were professional grade fireworks after we left the rehearsal. I mean, come on! How can you top this amazing day? The amount of times that I said "this is like a magazine wedding" was ridiculous.

Oh, I don't know, how about by doubling down  and churning out the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to? Sounds great! The next day, we come back out to Brookfield, VT to Ira's family house - Brookfield and we are so perfectly on time that there is a bench for us and the bridesmaids are walking out the second we sit down. 

And then it happens, Lauren walks out and I get this pit in my stomach that's commonly referred to as the "Pacey-Joey effect". It's one of those feelings where you're like, "what's happening? This is a perfect moment. These people are just meant to be." And yes, the first time I recall feeling it was when Pacey and Joey got together on Dawson's Creek. So, that's a lot to live up to guys!

Luckily for my sensitive tear ducts, it was a sweet and simple (and perfect) ceremony. In a flash, it was over and the entire party moved down the lawn to the cocktail hour/dinner/dance party usa. This is where I started recognizing things from those months of wedding snippets from the magic basement in Michigan. And they all came together flawlessly. 

The rest of the night was filled with great food, great company, and great memories. To the point where during the speeches, this shindig went from "magazine quality" to "straight out of a romantic comedy". Basically, I was in heaven as a bonafide sap.

*Cheers to the happy couple!* 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Over the Weekend: Disney and Ribs and Etsy

So, I've gotten slowly but surely overwhelmed with the very idea of blogging. Mostly because of the idea that I wanted to blog about interesting things and keep strangers interested. But now I realize I just want to write like I used to about whatever!

Like my weekend!

Friday involved watching something like 4 or 5 episodes of Orange is the New Black. Because obviously. I know I've mentioned it before, but this show is great and you should be watching it. Mostly because Netflix understands it's customer base and drops an entire season in one day (we now only have 2 eps left this season).

Saturday started rough in that I had planned on going to an estate sale but chose to sleep in instead. This is not surprising. But eventually I woke up (still early for me for a Saturday) and we cleaned the entire apartment. Nothing like inviting a few friends over to light a fire under your butt!

Cleaning means I got to listen to my new Disney records from Hot Topic. Which means I got to live the best life possible. Just look at this beauty!

Once the apartment was undeniably clean, our friends Alyssa and Jason came over to play games and predrink for Rib Fest (aka meat city). I have already gone to more festivals this summer than any summer ever before and it's AWESOME. I'm looking forward to Square Roots in July because it's right outside our front door.

If you get a chance to stand near the meat, DO IT.

After much imbibing and overeating, we headed home for a few more games before heading to bed. Early. Because we're old. Oh, but don't worry, we I was woken up by what I assumed was a cannon at about 1am. It turned out to be a transformer but it was one of the scariest noises ever. I'm a huge baby and that's okay.

Sunday was a lazy day filled with more OITNB and snacks. If by lazy, you mean I launched my Etsy store! That's right! I finally took the pictures that I took a while ago and wrote up listings for them. It took a few hours because I'm not used to stuff like this but it felt great to "open the doors". Coming up with accurate descriptions for things like this ice bucket was harder than you'd think!

I went with "atomic"
I'm loving it. But I'm a crazy person so I'm just itching to take more photos (possibly retake some old ones) and launch more products! Trust me. There are some bigger items coming soon. :)

Anyway, how was YOUR weekend? Hopefully awesome!


Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekly Buzzfeed Roundup

This week I found a new outlet for my love of pop culture. This week I started contributing to Buzzfeed through their Community Page.

And Oh. My. Gosh. I love the attention! It's like getting a bunch of gold stars when they put you on the front page! My love of movies and internet and tv feels validated! haha

But anyway, I realized that these posts were all things I would normally post on the blog here and felt bad so I decided to do a roundup of the articles I've posted so you can check them out.

First up was this post featuring Superfruits medley of Miley Cyrus songs. And before you mention it, yes, I realize that it's not a cappella. But I can't edit it now.

Next up was a list of 7 reasons you should watch 'Wish Upon a Star'. Because I LOVE Disney Channel original movies! And this was recently (re)added to Netflix. Now, if they would just add 'Brink' my life would be complete.

Last, but certainly not least, I posted this list of 10 life lessons to be learned from 'Now and Then'.  This one just went up last night so it's not as loved as the other posts. :( But it's number one in my heart. Seriously, I feel like too many people skip over this gem in their lists of ultimate girl group movies and that's a mistake. Now and Then was a defining film of my childhood and that's just fine!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Music...Tuesday?

It's not Monday, but here's some new music anyway! Today I'm loving "Problem" by Ariana Grande. And you should be too.

Have you been hearing the phrase "Song of Summer" as much as I have lately? Because it's obnoxious. So, instead of me telling you that this song will be the song of the summer, I'll just tell you what it really is:

Problem is a fun song that makes you want to dance and has horns.

A lot of songs this year have horns. 

Horns. The sound of summer 2k14.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"School Hard" - The Great Buffy Rewatch of 2014

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

We've actually only missed one episode together! And it was very monster of the week in that in involved a boy at Sunnydale reanimating his dead brother and then trying to create a zombie-esque GF for him. Obviously Cordelia was top of the list of body parts. Buffy saved the day though - so it's okay!

Onto today's episode. School Hard. It's a good one!!

Okay, we're going to try something a little different here. Instead of a stream of consciousness play by play of the episode I'm just going to watch it and write about it after. 

The episode revolves around Parent Teacher conferences, where Principal Snyder is intent on discussing Buffy with her mom. Idk if you knew this but Buffy is pretty much one of the "worst" students. To be fair, she does cut class all the time (to save the world). But if you view it from her teacher's standpoint, they rarely are at the Bronze hen bad stuff is happening so they don't know she's a hero. They probably do think she's just a crazy bad student.

this is the face of Sunnydale's worst student

So, Buffy spends the episode worrying about her Mom finding out she's a bad student (or worse - the Slayer). And also, planning the Parent Teacher Conferences with the other bad seed of Sunnydale - some girl named Sheila. She deals with her punishment by painting signs and trying really hard to impress everyone. It's actually pretty adorable how much she cares about her reputation. Oh, and did I mention that she covers for Sheila the dirtbag? She cares about other people's reputations too! (and in overalls no less)

More importantly though, this episode is our first introduction to Spike (and Drusilla). The new Big Bad in Sunnydale who (spoiler) will be around for a while. And this is an amazing intro episode for him. He banters with the annoying one and his lackies and asserts his dominance by offing him. That's right, Spike killed the Annointed One. Put him in a cage and showed him the sun. And oh, vowed to kill the Slayer.

True Love. and the new Big Bad!
But aside from showing his machismo, he also demonstrates a softer side when interacting with Drusilla, his lover. Interesting to note, Drusilla is insane. Like, bat shit crazy. Nothing she says makes any sense and it's pretty much amazing. For example, she talks to her dolls. And calls them cute names like "Miss Edith". And Spike just laps it up!

Important facts about Spike (that we learn in this episode at least):
  • He's killed 2 slayers in the past
  • According to Angel, once he sets his mind to something he doesn't give up
  • He's barely 200 (practically a baby!)
  • Oh, and he knows Angel well enough to call him Angelus
  • BECAUSE ANGEL WAS HIS SIRE (meaning he made him)
She made lemonade. How is she bad?
So, anyway, the night of the Parent Teacher Conference comes and the Scoobies are preparing for Spike's attack (which he claims is going to be on Saturday) by reading and making weapons. Natch. And Buffy is trying to show her mom that she's doing well here in Sunnydale. But, obviously, vampires show up to ruin the day with Spike leading the charge! (lesson - Never trust a vampire to keep to a schedule) 

It's really an epic showdown. The power to the building is cut and people are scattered in different rooms all over. Buffy's crawling through the vents and dusting vampires all over the school. Until she comes to the end of the battle to face Spike one on one. Punches are thrown and Buffy has the upper hand. Until suddently she doesn't. 

This is where it get's good. Joyce (that's Buffy's mom) smacks Spike upside the head with an axe. It's very reminiscent of Molly Weasley in a whole "Not my daughter, you bitch" kind of way. She doesn't find out that Buffy is the Slayer and doesn't realize that vampires are real. But she showcases some seriously badassery.

Overall, it's a really solid episode. It's where the show demonstrates that it's coming into it's own and really finding it's voice. Everyone is getting their character fleshed out and you start loving even the sideline players. Plus, the annoying one is dead! Who cares what else happens!

Best Quotes:

"If every vampire who said he was at the Crucifixion was actually there, it would have been like Woodstock." - Spike

"Does anyone remember when Saturday night meant 'Date Night'?" - Xander
"You sure don't" - Cordelia

"You get the hell away from my daughter!" - Joyce (aka Buffy's Mom)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"When She Was Bad" - The Great Buffy Rewatch of 2014

If you recall, we just finished season 1 of Buffy in my last post. When we left off, the master (aka Fruit Punch mouth) was dead and the gang was happily headed off to the spring dance. Buffy died and came back. Angel is a vampire. The hellmouth has teeth.

Where do we go from here? 

Season 2 - Episode 1

It's only fitting to open the season in a cemetery. With a fun game of name the movie quotes between Xander and Willow. It's summertime and they've been watching for vampires in Buffy's absence. She's been in LA but there hasn't been any monster activity since the master's death apparently. Also, Buffy hasn't called them since she left...which is BULL SHIT. What a shitty friend that doesn't call her best friends all summer. But she's back now, so it's fine?

Willow and Xander spent the Summer almost kissing

Seems like the vamps got the memo that Buffy was back in town though because one showed up the second she arrived on the scene. They must have Buffy radar. Buff-dar.

Also of note, they buried the master by a tree while wearing robes and holding holy water. These kids lead a strange life. Meanwhile, Buffy spent the summer partying and shopping with her dad, so that's nice.

So, we're back on Sunnydale High's campus and we're introduced to a new character - Principal Snyder. He's a weasely little man who seems to hate teenagers so I'm sure he'll just love Buffy.

And the gang's all back together! Giles is consulting his books and Buffy is ready to start training again. Immediately. And vigorously. She's kicking major ass and seems to have some sort of renewed focus and power sourced from her fight with the Master that's making everyone uneasy.

Which is good since we're also meeting a new batch of baddies! They're in some sort of factory listening to an annoying speech from some guy about the anointed one. Oh dear god, the anointed one is back to bore us all!

Buffy's Summer away has caused some amazing hair though
Oh shit! Giles just punched Buffy and said he was going to kill her! And she pulled off his face to reveal the Master. Must be real life! Just kidding - it's a dream.

If all bad dreams are met with waking up to Angel in your window, I'd say people should have nightmares more often. Which is weird since Buffy seems pissed that Angel is here. She's being annoying and he's just trying to tell her that trouble is coming. New Buffy is crank-y!

At least Cordelia's still up to her same old sass. And confronting them with the fact that they fight demons. Ya know - in school...during the day with people around. She's so ditzy. I love it. But at least she's keeping the gang's secrets.

These are the reactions from a Buffy zinger
"You won't tell anyone I'm the slayer, and I won't tell anyone you're a moron" Jeez Buff. A little harsh!

The gang has moved to the Bronze for a chat about Buffy's changing 'tude and a change in the dynamic that Willow was used to this summer with Xander.

Meanwhile, in the cemetery, the Master is being dug up for who know's what reason. Obviously, the Anointed Twerp misses his BFF.

Buffy just walked into the Bronze and is looking FIERCE. She's blowing off Angel and dancing all up on Xander. Toying with emotions all around and downright pissing people off. She leaves after causing a serious boner and leaving Xander with blue balls and a bruised ego. Way to burn bridges, Buffy! You know it's bad when Cordelia is the voice of reason telling you to cool it.

Seriously, that's Xander's boner face
Now the gang is getting kidnapped and brought to the factory one by one. Weird things are afoot!

Of course Buffy  walks in on them talking about her. Of COURSE. Timing. Now she's going to be a bigger bitcah than ever. At least she was able to tell them the Master is no longer in his grave and set Giles to research mode. And in her infinite self centeredness, she thinks it's all about her and demands that she go to the Bronze alone to check into it.

At least Angel is lurking in the shadows to have her back (and get verbally attacked). Because this whole Bronze thing is clearly a trap (like everyone said it was). So while Buffy is fighting the single vampire in the Bronze, Giles, Willow, and Xander are sitting ducks in the library where they've discovered the reason they're being picked off is because they were the ones who were closest to the master when he fell threw the roof and died.

Can I just say it's a little ridiculous how obsessed everyone is with the Master? He failed way back when. he failed last school year. Why bring him back to life? To fail again? Why not find a new big bad to worship?

And also, I still think it's totally weird that the Master didn't dust completely. He still has a skeleton. Which is different than any other vampire ever.

The gang's all here!
Thankfully Buffy figured out they were at the factory through torture and there's still time to save the Scoobies. And ya know, for Buffy to kill every vampire in sight. Because she's super strong and super pissed!

Everyone's safe and Buffy has a giant sledgehammer to mash up the Master's bones and work out her issues. Which is enough to make her nicer to her friends again, so that's good news.

We know she's better because when we see her at school she's remorseful about treating everyone so bad and is also wearing a sweater around her shoulders. A clear sign that you're a good person.

The episode ends with a shot of the Anointed one with the Master's skull. Just showing that the kid's still alive I guess. Which is bad news for this headache I just got.

See you next time!

Monday, April 28, 2014

C2E2 Recap - 2014

This past weekend was C2E2 here in Chicago, which is a comic book convention in case you aren't in the know. John actually won a 3 day pass but I wasn't really sold on all the guests and opted to buy just a pass for Sunday.

Here's the gist of how an event like this works (at least for me):
  • Obsess over who may or not be there for months ahead of time
  • Decide to go so you obsess over when the panels are and get upset that all of the good ones aren't on the same day
  • Decide what to wear and then change your mind at the last minute
I was going to wear my TARDIS dress from Halloween, but it was in disrepair
  • Leave the house too late to make it to the panel you wanted to see
  • Feel alright about missing that panel because now you get to see Stan Lee (who is HILARIOUS)
Seriously, so funny. And full of spoilers!

  • Spend several hours on the show floor looking at toys and comics and meeting artists that you love
  • Get really hungry and tired and decide you're done
  • Arrive home and look at all the marvelous stuff you bought!
Megan Lara, JL8, Joe Foo, Jenny Parks, and Tony Moore

Not a bad little Sunday!

How was your weekend, Sweeties?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Prophecy Girl" - The Great Buffy Rewatch of 2014

Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

Guys! So much has happened on this first season! We were introduced to Buffy and her witty ways. We met the Scoobies. We got to know Angel. 

We fought vampires and bugs and all things evil. And who's been around waiting for his chance to strike? FRUIT PUNCH MOUTH.

Let's check in with the gang in the season finale.

Xander opens this episode practicing his "big speech" for Buffy with Willow. It's so heartbreaking that Willow loves him so much and has to watch him love Buffy. But she's so supportive of him too! We've all been there... am I right, ladies?

I also love that Cordelia is then seen making out in a steamy car with a guy while Buffy kills things 20 feet away. Is that really how high school was for some people? I mean, do cars actually steam up that bad? Oh god, I'm saying so much about my own HS experience with that question, aren't I? Shit.

Uh oh. We're getting right to the title of this episode super early. Giles is reading the prophecy about the Master (aka fruit punch mouth) as Sunnydale erupts in an earthquake. Btw, do you remember that an earth quake is the reason the master got stuck in this predicament in the first place? I do!  But anyway, I wonder what Giles just learned about the slayer. Hmm.

We're back on school grounds the next day where Xander is going to work up the nerve to ask Buffy to the Spring dance! Could this be a turning point in their relationship? Could they start dating? Is that where this is heading?

Of course not, guys. This is BUFFY SUMMERS. 

And Xander took it poorly enough to insult her taste in the undead. Which, I mean, is pretty telling for her future romances.

Okay, Miss Calendar just showed up talking about water turning to blood and other crazy shit. I LOVE that she's so just....down with this creepy shit. She's another example of badass female characters from Joss Whedon!

Speaking of which, Willow just turned down the consolation date with Xander. Because she's too good to be someone's second choice. LOVE.

After a run in with blood pouring out of the sink, Buffy rushes to the Library to discuss this development with Giles where she runs into him chatting with Angel about the prophecy. The prophecy that says she's going to face the master and die.

She's 16 and she's faced with her own mortality. And she's so vulnerable but strong. She's crying and asking questions and getting angry. She's confronting Giles and Angel and she's showing that she doesn't want to die. This is seriously an amazing performance from SMG. I fucking love it. This is like, where you really fall in love with this character and this series. Before this it was flirtation, but now it's real. I'm weird.

Okay, Buffy is at home now, listening to sad music and staring at photos of her life and crying. She begs her mom to take her away, but ya know, her mom thinks this is just about boys and not about death. But she did get her the most gorgeous dress that Buffy's been wanting - so that's something. A beautiful, white death shroud.

Now there's been a murder of the boys in the AV Club - Willow's friends. And Buffy takes time out of her own shit and baggage to go check on her best friend. To make sure that she's okay after seeing all of this carnage. Willow asks her what they're going to do and you can just see Buffy making up her mind about staying and fighting the Master. She's not going to just let her friends (and the world down). 

Apparently this is a big sappy love letter from my to Buffy. Whatever.

She just entered the library to tell Giles of her plan and she's wearing this beautiful white dress with a black leather jacket. I fucking love it. She knocks Giles out so he won't follow her and arms herself with a simple crossbow to fight this big bad.

And then the anointed is outside waiting for her. He is the most annoying little shit of a character ever. There's seriously no reason for this kid other than to lead Buffy to the Master's lair. 

The Scoobies are gathered in the library to talk about this whole Buffy going off to her death thing and prepare for the apocalypse. Of course, Xander thinks he's strong and tough so he goes after Buffy and the Master (with a pit stop to pick up Angel on the way). I love his loyalty though - he's willing to admit he needs help from his least favorite vampy guy to save Buffy.

We're also learning about the Hell Mouth and making guesses as to where it's physically located. And by we I mean the other Scoobies because I already know where it is. They think it's at the Bronze! Better get over there!

Meanwhile, in a sewer somewhere, Buffy is finally face to face with the Master and she is ready with one liners. This fight starts with a lot of over confidence from the Master and chats about being a lamb. In this scenario, Buffy is the lamb. Idiot. 

Oh hey, all of the vampires in Sunnydale are now congregating around the school because - SURPRISE! - the hell mouth is at the high school.

Back to Buffy. The Master is being creepy and telling Buffy what the prophecy really means. It's sort of like Harry Potter - she has to die so he can be free. And with that. Buffy just fucking died. The Master drank her blood and dropped her face first in a pool of water.

Series over. Buffy #2 will be back next Season.

Just kidding! She's dead, but only sort of! She just drowned! She can be revived! Man, the Master is an idiot for not snapping her neck. Xander is finally proving useful as more than just a comedic counterpart - he's the only one who can save Buffy. Because duh - Angel is a Vampire with no breath. Xander to the rescue!! Hooray!! Buffy's back!

Omg! the vampires are all coming to the library and the Scoobies haven't noticed that there's a weird viney, planty monster coming through the fucking floor.

Thank God Buffy is alive and ready to kill some bitches. Because if there's one thing I learned from this show, it's that death changes you and makes you stronger. And in this case, a little psychic, because Buffy knows exactly where the Master went and is heading up to the roof to take care of business.

Btw, the hell mouth is a mouth and it has TEETH. And looks like Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors.

Back to Buffy and the Master. He still has this weird telekinetic power thing going on but she has the power of observation. She just told him he has fruit punch mouth. So that's where that nick name came from in all these posts guys. 

"I may be dead, but I'm still pretty."

She's so resourceful though. She just flipped him through a window to be impaled on a spike and end the apocalypse. Like, he didn't just dust, he made the world change. This school must have awesome insurance to be able to cover hell mouth damage.

And with that, the first season is over! Wherever will we go in season 2 and beyond? You'll just have to tune in next time to find out! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Do you ever decide to clean your entire apartment/house and then focus on really small details and get nothing noticeable done?

Because that's what I did this weekend.

We went into the whole endeavor with a very ambitious mindset. I made a list! We woke up early! We ate Taco bell!

My food photography game is on point! As is my nail game.

But when it came to actually cleaning, John and I had differing opinions on it. I wanted to gut the apartment. I emptied out ALL of the food in the kitchen and purged at least half of it and then organized it and put it back.

John scrubbed the entire bathroom and made it look SPOTLESS. 

Mine took longer and no one but us will know. And that's how I proceeded for the WHOLE day. Doing time consuming, labor intensive projects that don't make a noticeable impact. And now the apartment still doesn't look clean because we ran out of time. I still have grand plans of emptying out all of our closets and purging stuff. So maybe I'll work on that this week.

At least we hung the bottle opener!

On Sunday, we were hungover and had plans for Easter brunch with some dear friends so we weren't productive per se. But we did get a lot of fun times in!

And dog snugs. Lots of dog snugs.

Anyway, how was your weekend? Were you productive? Do you know any tips for cleaning that will make me want to actually clean? Cuz I don't!

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