Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Guess what boys and girls.  My pinky is asleep right now.  And it's travelling inward to my other fingers and feels really weird to type.

Boom. Mind explosion.

I've been keeping busy as of late by taking up being crafty.  Or at least attempting to be more hands on.  I feel better about watching so much TV if I also knit while doing so.  And I made a paper flower the other day.  I honestly thought it would look like complete crap but I kinda loved it and will be making more soon.

I'll try my best to start taking more photos of my crafty endeavors and I would love for more people to join me in trying to be a little bit craftier.  It makes the dreary months seem more productive when the darkness comes so quickly and we spend less time outside.  Not that it's dreary.  Unless you'd say sweltering temperatures and a lack of an air conditioner is dreary... Which I would...

Speaking of hobbies.  I've been taking pictures a lot more lately too.  I still need to get a tripod but I think I'm faring well so far.  Take a look at my beautiful city (and move here if you're not here already).

Bean, bean the magical fruit...

Nighttiming, baby

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lisa, it's your birthday

I don't know if you're aware of this, but my birthday was recently. Now, as the designated Queen of Theme, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that I love my birthday more than the next person.

Well, since moving to Chicago I won't lie, I've felt somewhat detached from the motivation to plan parties and whatnot considering I only have a select few friends remotely nearby. So I wasn't sure how my birthday would pan out since I like involving everyone but everyone lives far apart from one another.

So, being the gracious hostess that I am, I decided to celebrate all birthday events in the great state of Michigan. Thus spoiling everyone in my family and circle of friends. But it was a grand time! I got to have a family bbq at my dad's and a themed super party at my (former) favorite bar in GR!

In case you're curious, the theme was the 90s and it was totally rad. I got to dress as my favorite Primtime 90s bitch, Brenda Walsh. Love it. And I got some pretty neat presents ranging from the best comic book ever about corgis to a homemade tweed skirt to an epic new phone ending with an awesome new bike!!!

I am beyond excited for this new bike. It's a beautiful blue Peugeot mixte (as yet unnamed). It just needs a basket and I'll be able to commute on it once I'm more comfortable with the weather.

Look look!

Now, I know this post has been quite a bit scatterbrained but I'm going to resolve to try getting back into this here blog. I miss it.  Love you guys!
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