Sunday, August 3, 2014

5k, baby!

I did my first 5k this past Saturday. Please note, I didn't say that I ran my first 5k. I mostly walked, and that's FINE.

First of all, I sprained my ankle while on vacation, so I couldn't run if I tried. Secondly, I totally jogged more than John expected me to and when we were walking, it was a fast walk. Thirdly, I had a very busy July so my Couch to 5k program was a bust anyway.

But whatever! I did it! I made it through a whole 5k in sunny 85 degree weather and I'm awesome.

Also, it was a color run (technically Graffiti Run). Obviously. So I ended the day covered in colorful powder that took at least 45 minutes to clean off my skin. It was fun, but it definitely wasn't serious. 90% of the people walked (slower than us, thank god). I'd recommend it for a good time but I'd also never do another one. So take that for what it's worth.

Trust me, I'm not the most fit person. So if I can make it through a 5k - YOU can make it through one. You are amazing!


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