Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shows to Watch: Orange is the New Black

In case you haven't already watched this show, you really need to get on that already. Unless you, for some ungodly reason, don't have Netflix.  In which case we need to have a separate conversation off the record.

Here's the thing.  I LOVE TV.  I really do.  I love getting hooked on a show and just burning through old seasons on Netflix.  So, when Netflix launched their own series' I should have just jumped right on board.  But I was scared.  And then I met this show.

Orange is the New Black is seriously great.  It's centered around Piper, an engaged upper middle class lady with a past.  A past that happens to include lesbian tendencies and a drug cartel.  She get's charged with her crimes 10 years after the fact and is sent to Litchfield prison in upstate NY where we're introduced to the most interesting characters on current television.

I'll be honest, Piper is my least favorite character on the show.  Well, no, her fiance is my least favorite.  But I feel like Piper's sole existence in this show is to instigate story lines for her more interesting fellow inmates.  And, can I just say how amazing it is to see a show with 95% female cast that's not just talking about why men are stupid or what shoes they should buy?  Cuz, hello.  It's needed.

But I digress.  When we started this show, we weren't sold.  But something kept drawing us in and now we have 1 episode left and I'm already sad that there's no season 2.  I need to know how everyone's doing! They're my buddies!  Well, as much as you can be buddies with a character named "Crazy Eyes".  We've gotten to a point where we need to watch it every day and are constantly referencing OITNB (pronounced oh-it-n-buh in our humble abode).

I realize now that it's really hard to write a review of a show that I'm watching without giving away a ton of spoilers.  But you can trust me.  You need to just watch this damn show.



  1. You know who I love on this show? Tastee! She's so great.

    1. Tastee is the best! She made me so sad with her realiztic experience getting out though. :(


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