Monday, April 28, 2014

C2E2 Recap - 2014

This past weekend was C2E2 here in Chicago, which is a comic book convention in case you aren't in the know. John actually won a 3 day pass but I wasn't really sold on all the guests and opted to buy just a pass for Sunday.

Here's the gist of how an event like this works (at least for me):
  • Obsess over who may or not be there for months ahead of time
  • Decide to go so you obsess over when the panels are and get upset that all of the good ones aren't on the same day
  • Decide what to wear and then change your mind at the last minute
I was going to wear my TARDIS dress from Halloween, but it was in disrepair
  • Leave the house too late to make it to the panel you wanted to see
  • Feel alright about missing that panel because now you get to see Stan Lee (who is HILARIOUS)
Seriously, so funny. And full of spoilers!

  • Spend several hours on the show floor looking at toys and comics and meeting artists that you love
  • Get really hungry and tired and decide you're done
  • Arrive home and look at all the marvelous stuff you bought!
Megan Lara, JL8, Joe Foo, Jenny Parks, and Tony Moore

Not a bad little Sunday!

How was your weekend, Sweeties?


  1. Ahh love the Pam pic and the Cat Han Solo! Too cute! I think she was at our last NOLA Wizard World Comic Con and wish now that I could have bought some of her Doctor Who cats!


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