Thursday, August 29, 2013

Power Ballad Thursday (vol. 5): Journey - Faithfully


I forget power ballad Thursday every week until after lunch.  That's when I get tired and need a pick me up and think "Oh man! It's PBT! Woo!"

Hopefully you can share in the sentiment with this gem.

I'm actually not sure about what makes a power ballad a power ballad.  But According to my brain, this is absolutely one.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moving on up

Guess who moved!

It's me! If you really thought it was anyone else, you're just nuts.

Well, really, we're still in the process of moving.  But at least I get to do some of my favorite thing- UNPACKING.

You'd think that if moving is stressful, unpacking must be stressful too but oh man, you'd be wrong.  I seriously love unpacking.  I think it's really only because I love designing a new home.  Deciding where furniture goes. Hanging art. Figuring out a way to hide a giant movie collection in plain sight. I live for this shit.

I haven't taken any pictures since the day we moved the majority of our stuff, but I'll be taking more once everything is set up.  Actually, I'd say that the living room is at like 85% completion right now.  I've been a busy little bee.

We have until the end of the week to get the remainder of our stuff out of our old place.  Which wouldn't be hard if it wasn't insanely hot every day when we get out of work.  We've spent the past few nights roaming our new neighborhood (Lincoln Square) and you'll never guess where we've eaten the most.  The bowling alley.  That's right, we've eaten at a bowling alley the past 2 nights in a row.  but, to our credit, their food is good, they recently remodeled, and they have insane prices.  

Home is where the bookshelf is. (write that down)

Oh, and just so that I'm not just gushing - there HAVE been a few setbacks to this move.  Like the weather being insanely hot. Or a shoe falling on my head while I sleep.  Or the air conditioner dripping water on my pillows for over an hour without me noticing. Or not being able to get internet set up right away.  It's just that the good outweighs the bad.  And also I get to go to Michigan at the end of the week so I can deal with pretty much anything.

But, basically, we love it here.  The apartment is great and has amazing natural light (which makes it sort of hot) and a new kitchen with actual counters.  The neighborhood is full of friendly people and puppies to pet. Please come visit soon.  Really.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Power Ballad Thursday (vol. 4): Poison - Every Rose Has Its Thorn

That opening sigh just makes you sigh. Or you know, blush.

Am I the only one who misses Rock of Love?  Bret Michaels is just made for bandanas and eyeliner and cowboy hats.

OMG OMG.  The youtube comments have me cracking up.

Anyway, this is your video for this week's PBT!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Power Ballad Thursday (vol.3): Mr. Big - To Be With You

Welcome to another edition of Power Ballad Thursday (#PBT). 

This week you get the amazing song "To Be With You" from Mr. Big.

So, flashback.  Last summer Jessica was visiting and she and Kelly and I were in a cab and asked the guy to turn on the radio.  He did, and this song started blasting.  It's just one of those absolutely perfect memories.

Singing along in a car with your boofs.  I love it.

Hope you're having a great week!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Amanda, it's your birthday

Welcome to my birthday.  The day that it's okay to be completely narcissistic and indulge myself in everything I love.

Like Cheeseburgers. And fries. And BBQ. And fries. And movies. And mail. And IKEA.  basically, I love it.


And yes, I did start my day singing this:


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Power Ballad Thursday (vol. 2): Heart - Alone

Having a rough week? Well screw that! It's Power Ballad Thursday!!! (#PBT for the Twitterverse)

Submitted for the approval of the #PBT society....

Heart - Alone.

You're welcome.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Over the Weekend: An Indy Birthday Extravaganza

I don't know if you know this, but I love my birthday.  Which is this Friday, in case you were curious.  So, when my good friend Laura invited me out to Indianapolis for a weekend of fun and a Maroon 5/Kelly Clarkson concert, how could I possibly say no?

I mean, come on. Indianapolis has one of my favorite people (Laura) and some seriously tasty food (Kilroy's).  Really, you need to just go there if you're ever in the area.  They have the most amazing stuffed breadsticks EVER.  And cheap drinks. And Laura!

But let's just get down to the main event, shall we?  The concert. Oh my god, the concert.

First up was Kelly Clarkson (well no, technically some random girl was first but we skipped her).  She was AMAZING.  She was fun and performed barefoot and was just so good.  It was my college dreams come true.

Fun anecdote: when I was in college, Kelly's album convinced me to break up with my shitty then boyfriend.  Like, I just listened to it on repeat and it made me feel stronger and convinced me to do it.  I swear.  He even said to me, "I hate that album.  Ever since you started listening to it you've been different".  Bahaha.

But then, at the concert there were these younger girls in front of us losing their shit over Kelly.  And it was amazing.  It just made me think that maybe she's helping a whole other generation to break up with crappy guys!

And then there was Maroon 5.  I don't care what you hoity toity music snobs say, they were great.  It was such a fun show and Adam Levine was a seriously great showman.  He would switch from singing to dancing to playing guitar and just kept going.  It was AMAZEFEST USA (right, Laura?).  I mean really, every song was fun and everyone there had a great time.  What more can you ask for?

Well, everyone except the drunk dancing guy who got in a fist fight and got kicked out.  He may not have had a great time.

But anyway, that's my weekend in a nutshell.  Can't wait for the rest of birthday week to continue!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Power Ballad Thursday (vol. 1): Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You

Yesterday, my good buddy Sam told me that her boss used to play power ballads in their office really loud on Thursdays.  Doesn't that sound AMAZING?  So, we decided to embrace it ourselves and share some great music to get you through a Thursday.

Power Ballad Thursday (or #PBT for you Twitter folks) starts now.  LET'S DO THIS GUYS!

My share this week comes to you all the way from New Jersey.  It's Bon Jovi, y'all!  I really love this song.  So get on board!

Share your favorites!

(Excessive exclamation marks are required for #PBT apparently)
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