Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Do you ever decide to clean your entire apartment/house and then focus on really small details and get nothing noticeable done?

Because that's what I did this weekend.

We went into the whole endeavor with a very ambitious mindset. I made a list! We woke up early! We ate Taco bell!

My food photography game is on point! As is my nail game.

But when it came to actually cleaning, John and I had differing opinions on it. I wanted to gut the apartment. I emptied out ALL of the food in the kitchen and purged at least half of it and then organized it and put it back.

John scrubbed the entire bathroom and made it look SPOTLESS. 

Mine took longer and no one but us will know. And that's how I proceeded for the WHOLE day. Doing time consuming, labor intensive projects that don't make a noticeable impact. And now the apartment still doesn't look clean because we ran out of time. I still have grand plans of emptying out all of our closets and purging stuff. So maybe I'll work on that this week.

At least we hung the bottle opener!

On Sunday, we were hungover and had plans for Easter brunch with some dear friends so we weren't productive per se. But we did get a lot of fun times in!

And dog snugs. Lots of dog snugs.

Anyway, how was your weekend? Were you productive? Do you know any tips for cleaning that will make me want to actually clean? Cuz I don't!


  1. Oof, I am super behind on purging my closets. I keep saying I'm going to, looking at them, and then doing something else. Hope you have better luck!

    1. I swear that I cleaned out my closet a few months ago and donated like 3 bags to charity. So why is it still overflowing with crap??


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