Monday, July 28, 2014

Vermont Wedding Bliss

You know those weddings that you see on Pinterest and you think to yourself "nope, that's not real. That's a magazine."? Well, I went to one of those weddings last week and I can confirm that not only are they real but they're magic.

Let's back up a little and get some back story here. Last week, John and I drove out to Vermont to attend the much anticipated wedding of my step sister, Lauren and her main squeeze, Ira. And when I say "much anticipated" I mean I've been waiting a year for this shindig, all the while getting bits and pieces of the planning and hard work going on at my dad and Jean's house. Their basement was wedding central and it was amazing.

So, we drive out to Vermont (by way of Michigan-Canada-New York) and the second you get into the state it's just like "Yep, this is where beautiful weddings happen. I get it." There are rolling green mountains and beautiful blue skies as far as the eyes can see. Once you get over your poor decision in hotel choices (looking at you Hilltop Inn) and get into the wedding mindset - you're whisked off to the countryside for a rehearsal dinner in a freshly built wood barn.

I shit you not - it was the most beautiful building on the most beautiful plot of land. And to make things even better, there's a wood fired pizza oven ON SITE churning out tasty noms for the whole party. So, you're wandering through this amazing place and looking out on the mountain view with the people you love and you realize, "Oh, this is just the rehearsal. Oh god. What is this magic?"

Apparently there were professional grade fireworks after we left the rehearsal. I mean, come on! How can you top this amazing day? The amount of times that I said "this is like a magazine wedding" was ridiculous.

Oh, I don't know, how about by doubling down  and churning out the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to? Sounds great! The next day, we come back out to Brookfield, VT to Ira's family house - Brookfield and we are so perfectly on time that there is a bench for us and the bridesmaids are walking out the second we sit down. 

And then it happens, Lauren walks out and I get this pit in my stomach that's commonly referred to as the "Pacey-Joey effect". It's one of those feelings where you're like, "what's happening? This is a perfect moment. These people are just meant to be." And yes, the first time I recall feeling it was when Pacey and Joey got together on Dawson's Creek. So, that's a lot to live up to guys!

Luckily for my sensitive tear ducts, it was a sweet and simple (and perfect) ceremony. In a flash, it was over and the entire party moved down the lawn to the cocktail hour/dinner/dance party usa. This is where I started recognizing things from those months of wedding snippets from the magic basement in Michigan. And they all came together flawlessly. 

The rest of the night was filled with great food, great company, and great memories. To the point where during the speeches, this shindig went from "magazine quality" to "straight out of a romantic comedy". Basically, I was in heaven as a bonafide sap.

*Cheers to the happy couple!* 

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