Monday, June 9, 2014

Over the Weekend: Disney and Ribs and Etsy

So, I've gotten slowly but surely overwhelmed with the very idea of blogging. Mostly because of the idea that I wanted to blog about interesting things and keep strangers interested. But now I realize I just want to write like I used to about whatever!

Like my weekend!

Friday involved watching something like 4 or 5 episodes of Orange is the New Black. Because obviously. I know I've mentioned it before, but this show is great and you should be watching it. Mostly because Netflix understands it's customer base and drops an entire season in one day (we now only have 2 eps left this season).

Saturday started rough in that I had planned on going to an estate sale but chose to sleep in instead. This is not surprising. But eventually I woke up (still early for me for a Saturday) and we cleaned the entire apartment. Nothing like inviting a few friends over to light a fire under your butt!

Cleaning means I got to listen to my new Disney records from Hot Topic. Which means I got to live the best life possible. Just look at this beauty!

Once the apartment was undeniably clean, our friends Alyssa and Jason came over to play games and predrink for Rib Fest (aka meat city). I have already gone to more festivals this summer than any summer ever before and it's AWESOME. I'm looking forward to Square Roots in July because it's right outside our front door.

If you get a chance to stand near the meat, DO IT.

After much imbibing and overeating, we headed home for a few more games before heading to bed. Early. Because we're old. Oh, but don't worry, we I was woken up by what I assumed was a cannon at about 1am. It turned out to be a transformer but it was one of the scariest noises ever. I'm a huge baby and that's okay.

Sunday was a lazy day filled with more OITNB and snacks. If by lazy, you mean I launched my Etsy store! That's right! I finally took the pictures that I took a while ago and wrote up listings for them. It took a few hours because I'm not used to stuff like this but it felt great to "open the doors". Coming up with accurate descriptions for things like this ice bucket was harder than you'd think!

I went with "atomic"
I'm loving it. But I'm a crazy person so I'm just itching to take more photos (possibly retake some old ones) and launch more products! Trust me. There are some bigger items coming soon. :)

Anyway, how was YOUR weekend? Hopefully awesome!


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