Thursday, May 17, 2012

Photo an Hour - Mother's Day

I've seen photo an hour posts all over the blogosphere and thought it sounded like a fun idea.  The problem was picking a good day to document.  So, when I went home for mother's day, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

So here's what my Sunday looked like!

9:00AM - Wake up in a big ol' bed and snap a photo of myself all crazy looking and poorly lit.  Love it.

10:00AM - Enjoying the fact that the TVs at my dad's house have Cable.  Which gives me the opportunity to watch "Because I Said So", which I own on DVD.

11:00AM - Make up time!  Getting ready for my mom and sister to pick me up.

12:00PM - Mother's day trip to Wojo's to buy some flowers for my amazing mom.  So pretty!

1:00PM - Visiting with my mom's kitties.  The black one, Hannah, is EVIL.

2:00PM - VISITING WITH BABY HAZEL OMG.  All caps because it was completely necessary.  This baby is amazing.  I love her.

3:00PM - Still visiting.  I love it. That's her with her dad.

4:00PM - Baby Hazel got so sleepy so she passed out on her momma.  They had to leave us soon after. :(

5:00PM - Time for me to kick my feet up and fall asleep for the next hour or so.  Which is why there's no 6:00 photo.

7:00PM - Dinner time means Jet's Pizza time.  Yum yum!

8:00PM - Home to my dad's to hang out and stalk Harold the cat.

9:00PM - This is where my night got "interesting".  In that Ash wasn't feeling well and had to be taken to the emergency clinic. :(  BTW - I love Animal Emergency Center in Novi.  They're amazing.

10:00PM - Still at the vet.  Waiting for Ash's tests to be run.

11:00PM - Yep.  Still at the vet.  Can you tell how tired we were?  At least this is our last hour there.  We found out ash essentially had a bladder infection.  So that's surprisingly good news.

12:00AM - Driving home! Finally!  So dark! So tired!

1:00AM -  Longest day ever!  Finally home and ready for bed.  Oi! The end!

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