Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Over The Weekend (Wednesday Edition)

Yes, I'm aware that it's Wednesday.  The question is, are you aware that it's more like my Monday because I had a long weekend?  No?  Well, it is.

This weekend, I went home to the east side of Michigan to visit with baby Hazel and the rest of my family.  It was awesome, and she's adorable.  But you won't be seeing any photos of her here yet because I did a photo an hour challenge on Sunday and I'll be posting that tomorrow.

Today though, I can at least tell you about the rest of my weekend.  It. was. awesome.

On Monday, John and I drove out to Sign of the Beefcarver.  His favorite restaurant pretty much ever.  I'd never had it, and it happened to be right near my brother's house, so we made a stop there for a nice hearty lunch.

This restaurant is hilarious.  Really tasty in a comfort food sort of way, but overall hilarious.  We were, hands down, the youngest people there.  And this older couple kept talking to me about how cute my skirt was and how weird it was that I was taking pictures of our food.  After all, it's just Beefcarver.  I don't think they understood what a journey this was.

And my goodness we had so much food.  It was an insanely huge lunch.  Afterwards, we went over to my brother and sister's house to play with baby Hazel.  Which really meant playing with Maeby the dog and watching Hazel sleep.  But it was nice to be able to visit for a while longer.  And we even walked to their local comic book shop to browse for a while.  Berkley is a pretty sweet town.

After hanging out for a while, we headed back to my dad's house.  But we took a trip down memory lane by stopping at the batting cages/go karts/mini golf place we used to frequent when we were kids.  Besides, I'd never been to the batting cages before.  So I couldn't just say no.  It was pretty fun!  Once you get over the whole being really bad at it and being made fun of by 16 year olds thing.  But man am I sore today!

That night, we went with my dad and step mom out to Clarkston to try the "new" bbq place there, the Woodshop.  I almost didn't want to go after eating so much for lunch but I just couldn't turn down some good BBQ.  It's a pretty strong magnet for me.

Anyway, that's my weekend in a nutshell.  Until you add in the whole day that's missing here.  But it was all a great time and I can't wait to go back again someday soon.  There's just something so calming about being     in the place that you grew up.

How was your weekend?

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