Friday, May 4, 2012

May the Fourth Be With You!

Well, guys, it's Star Wars day.  And if it weren't for The Avengers being released today, I'd probably be watching the original trilogy.  But since I can't, I figured I'd share some of my favorite Star Wars finds with you for Friday Faves.

THESE behind the scenes photos that were recently released.  I love them.  I want to sunbathe in a leia swimsuit.  Come on!

I LOVE this video.  Comedians. Doing Star Wars lines.  So good!  And Emma Stone (who I absolutely love) is so good at being Leia!

I want these for our toy shelf.  hahaha Charred Remains.  I love it.

Look at the wampug!!  He's so adorable!

I'm pretty sure I've shared THIS print before.  But I love it.  And I want to have it.  Or one of the other Star Wars prints from this shop.  I just can't not share some sort of print.  I hoard them.

I'm sure I could share more, but I figured I'd give you the opportunity to share with me instead. 

So what are your favorite Star Wars things on this glorious day?


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