Thursday, May 3, 2012

HBIC: Hillary Clinton

I am behind the times.  I had no idea until last week that there was an awesome meme about Hillary Clinton texting.  And I loved every single version of the meme I saw.

I mean, come on!  Comedy genius!  And she embraces it!  She actually participated in the blog TextsFromHillaryClinton.  So cool. 

Not to mention I'm convinced she is bffs with Meryl Streep based on the above.

And then THIS happens.  My new favorite person with my all time favorite Hollywood man.  Basically, Jason Segel suggests the former 1st lady try her hand at comedic acting and she responds with this gem.

Way to go, Hil.  You've been promoted to HBIC.  I bow down before your awesomeness.

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