Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Somewhere In Dreamland

Am I the only one who constantly remembers random things from my childhood?

Like this extremely sad cartoon about poor kids at Christmas? And they have these sad hole filled blankets. And the town folk want them to have a nice Christmas for once. And their mother is so sad and can't take care of them and they go to sleep and dream of a land of candy and clean clothes?

Omg. It's the saddest cartoon. But I remember it from my childhood distinctly. I have no idea where I watched this depressing crap.

They sell WOOD for god's sake. Barefoot in the snow no less.

But I LOVE it for some reason! It's so sweet!

It ranks up there with 'Under the Umbrella Tree' or 'Claymation Christmas' for things I remember that no one else does.

Happy Holidays? haha


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