Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Best Thanksgiving Movies

I love holiday movies. Christmas movies. Halloween movies. But it's so easy to forget there are movies about Thanksgiving!

I mean, ABC family jumps straight from Halloween to a countdown to their Christmas countdown. It's a tragedy of epic proportions that they're overlooking the untapped market of Thanksgiving movies!

They could gobble their way to the big day! Or make a hand turkey and do five movies. Like these five movies. I mean, I'm putting in all the work here ABC family. What's your excuse?

 5. The Ice Storm

Okay, this movie is insane. Most importantly, it has Kevin Kline. Let's just get that out of the way right now. Kevin Kline is a key to a great movie. Speaking of keys - there's a KEY PARTY in this movie! And neglected kids who act like adults! Get on it.

4. The House of Yes

Speaking of insane movies - I present 'The House of Yes'. I first watched this in college in a class about movies based on plays. It involves incest, and a storm, and a family who thinks they're the Kennedy's, and a wine called "mother's milk". It's ridiculous and takes place over Thanksgiving so you should watch it.

3. Pieces of April

Just look at Katie Holmes on this cover. She's trying SO hard to be edgy and I love it. This movie is about an estranged daughter who decides to host Thanksgiving and reunite with her family. She tries so damn hard to create a perfect Thanksgiving to a point that I can seriously relate to the over freaking out about things. Add to that some crazy family antics to get to NYC for the party and you've got a recipe for ridiculousness.

2. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

John Hughes is a god. Let's just face it. This might be my most controversial ranking because it's not number one. But I don't care. My number one is my favorite.  Anyway, this is a great movie with an odd couple type pairing. Steve Martin's straight laced Neal juxtaposed with John Candy's John candy, I mean Del is just genius. But I love anything those dudes are in. John Candy is good at holidays.

1. Son in Law

I can't even. I love this movie so much that it's not just on this list, but my all time favorite movie list as well. My BFF, Jessica, and I quote this movie more than sane people should. It's about a country girl who goes to LA for college and meets Crawl, her fun loving RA who helps her break out of her shell. But then, she has to go home to the farm for Thanksgiving and break up with her fiance so she brings her BFF crawl with her to ease the news. Hilarity ensues. I love it so much. If you watch any of these, make it this one.

Do you have any favorites that aren't on this list? 


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