Monday, November 4, 2013

Music Mondays - HAIM: The Wire

I freaking LOVE this song. Like, I've listened to it pretty much every day since I first heard it and more than once some days.

Fun story - I was having a bad day at work recently.  Like, almost crying from stress and had to stay late to finish everything.  Super defeated.  So, I told John this (of course).  And he beat me home (of course).  And he met me at the train with HAIM's new record.  It was like his version of flowers to improve my day and it was so perfect.

So, men of the world (and women) if your SO is having a bad day, and you're considering flowers - please remember the power of music as a mood lifter and buy a record instead. It will result in smiles and snugs. :)

xoxo Amanda

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