Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Welcome to the Hellmouth" - The Great Buffy Rewatch of 2014

Season 1 - Episode 1

Oh my god. I love this show so much. I've watched it more than most people watch anything. I own it on DVD. I have art based on it. I read the comics. And I want a Buffy tattoo. But seriously, it's the greatest show. It has something of everything for everyone and you'll love it. I think you should consider watching with me.

It's been far to long since I've watched the series start to finish so I thought a fun thing to do would be to rewatch it and maybe write a little as I go. I won't do a writeup for every episode, but I'll check in here and there and let you know how things are going in Sunnydale with the Scooby Gang.

So, we're starting with "Welcome to the Hellmouth" which is the beginning of an amazing run of a series. Seriously, if you haven't watched it, go to hell(mouth). Then sign up for Netflix and get watching.

Keep in mind, I'm going with a stream of consciousness viewing experience. So I'm writing this as I watch.

It's day one at a new school and we're introduced to our titular character, Buffy Summers. She has amazing hair and great style. She's so amazing that Xander just ran into a stair rail while skateboarding. 

And we've also been introduced to Willow Rosenburg who is super nerdy and adorable. And clearly in love with Xander. And wears sleeveless dresses with collared shurts underneath.

I also just noticed Principal Flutie has a wedding ring on. Which is sad later on.

So, Buffy is going through her transcript with her new principal. Here's the rundown, we're picking up where the movie left off. So, Buffy just burned down her old school's gym because it was full of vampires during a school dance. Do they say thank you? Nope. They expel her. And she gets sent to Sunnydale High where we begin our journey.

Oh man, we were just introduced to Cordelia - popular beauty. She looks STUNNING (and not high school aged). This is the brief (very bried) period where Buffy was in with the popular girls. Thank God she just showed such disdain watching Cordelia being a total B to Willow. We now know Buffy is an okay girl who isn't cool with making fun of "losers". 

OMG! So much happens so fast in this show. We're 5 minutes in and we've been introduced to Giles - the school librarian/Buffy's watcher. However, at this point he's a total creep giving her the major wiggins by bombarding her with Vampire stuff. Giles! Come on! It's her first day!

Oh hey dead guy in the locker! What's up?

God, Willow is wearing opaque white tights. I love her. 

Oh, we're also being introduced to this guy who's named Jesse. Don't get attached. He's Eric Balfour and won't be around long. Because he's awful. He's like a way less great version of Xander. We don't need two Xanders. Just the one, thanks.

Oh Buffy. She's making herself out to be such a weirdo by asking about how the dead guy...died. She's so pretty and fashionable and LA. But then there's this whole slayer business getting in the way of popularity and normalcy. I love it. 

BTW the way they talk on this show is amazing and I love it so much.  She's so quippy and phenomenal.

Ugh. And we're also introduced to Buffy's mom Joyce. Single mother. Art museum curator. Over protective mess who is so naive to her daughters nighttime behavior. It's not sex, Joyce! It's vampires!

Seriously? This episode is so good! We've just been introduced to a shay figure who's lurking behind Buffy. Spoiler, it's Angel. We'll learn more about this handsome devil in the episodes to come! But for now, Buffy's holding her own and kicking his butt for being a stalker. A gorgeous stalker. Ooo baby. So cryptic.

Oh, did I mention that the name of my apartment on Foursquare is "The Bronze" which just so happens to be the name of the super cool underage club in Sunnydale? No? Well, it is. I'm that big of a nerd. You can tell by how long winded and annoying this post is.

It's weird how much I relate to Willow now that I'm more aware of myself. I wish I was a Buffy, but I'm more socially awkward and weird like Willow. And that's okay! She's so great!

This episode is a lot of character introduction and not too much real conflict yet. I could see how it could be rough to get into it. But trust me, it gets crazy real fast. 

Here it goes! Finally! more vampires! Out in the real world! Here! At the Bronze! Chatting up Willow! Not our dear, sweet Willow! Go get him, Buffy! Rarr! 

Well, instead of getting him she set herself up as the school freak by attacking Cordelia with a stake. Oops! Now her reputation is in as much danger as her new friend.

Oh, there's Jesse. Chatting up the Vampire we were introduced to in the first 30 seconds of the show. That bitch, Darla. 

Episode 1 and we're introduced to the big bad of the season within the first half! His name is "The Master". Or fruit-punch mouth. He's this totally gnarly looking old vampire who's incapable of leaving this one area of the underground beneath Sunnydale. He's sort of stuck there. Like a cork that can't get uncorked from this bottleneck. I'll go out on a limb here and say he's the only vampire that looks like this 24/7. It's weird how bat like he is.

This vampire is taking Willow to the cemetery on their way for ice cream. I mean, she's so naive that it's cute. And also frustrating. Oh great. And here's Jesse. Bitten by Darla and really stupid. Thank God Buffy is here to save the day! And provide witty conversation!  And dust a vampire! That's a first. The first of many.

But not without trouble. We're also introduced to Luke. The neanderthal looking lackey of the master. Who shows us that Buffy isn't just going to waltz in here and kill everyone. She's going to be met with some difficulty. And that's okay! She's the slayer - she can take it.

Oh my god. I forgot that the series premiere is a cliff hanger! That's amazing. We're left with a to be continued message. I love it! So intriguing!

Don't you just want to watch more?? I know I do! But I'll wait. And also, I probably won't post a recap of every single episode. I'll check in every so often.

But feel free to join in on this amazing show with me! We can rewatch together. And fall in love together. And get our hearts broken together. And root for the good guys together. Emphasis on together.

Happy Sunday!



  1. This is great!! Please keep doing these posts. I recently rewatched all of Buffy for the 3rd time. I was introducing my husband to it (he loved it, btw) and I was struck by all the things I'd missed the first two times I watched it.

    1. I absolutely love this show. Hands down - it's my favorite.

      I'll probably post a recap every few days but I'll be watching daily. So it'll be every few epsiodes.

      I'm glad you enjoy!

  2. I am WELL past due for a Buffy rewatch myself! Buffy was my first forray into geekdom and I will never forget her or her spunky lessons! Yep, time for a rewatch!
    BEST. SHOW. EVER!!!!


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