Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Angel" - The Great Buffy Rewatch of 2014

Previously on Buffy the Vampire slayer...

We've only missed one episode! And in that episode, Xander was posessed by a Hyena and ate a pig. And was a general asshole. But he's okay now!

Season 1 - Episode 7

I wanted to be sure to write about this episode because it really has a lot to do with the over-arching story for the whole show. 

The show opens with the Master and the anointed kid skipping stones. And talking about sending in "The Three". Whoever that is.

The Bronze is filled with cockroaches. So much so that they're having a party to close the whole place for fumigation. But it's a perfect setting for a little girl talk about boys between Buffy and Willow. And a good excuse to talk about Angel. And swoon. And smoosh cockroaches.

But Buffy is sick of depressing everyone so she's peacing out of that party. Unfortunately for her The Three are some badass vampires in armor apparently. I think she would break her hand punching it, but she doesn't, so whatever. Just when it looks like she's in trouble, Angel is there to save the day. But I wonder where he learned all those moves and got so strong! Hmm. No time to question, it's time to run home! Everyone inside!

And also, she just made him take off his shirt. I'm flustered now. He's so baby faced here. And they really do have some serious chemistry. Ooo la la. He just can't stop keeping eye contact! Broody broody eye contact! Buffy's mom's here to cock block though. She should probably be wondering why this smoldering hot older man is here. And why his name is Angel. It's a weird name.

But now Buffy is sneaking him upstairs for bedtime since she's scared for his safety apparently. Smooth. Now she needs to change in front of him. BTW, Buffy gets changed in front of her friends sort of a lot. I'm not that kind of person. I don't get it. But as Angel said "she's even pretty when she goes to sleep". Bitch. I love her.

The way that Buffy is talking about Angel at school is so accurate. Like, this is legitimately how girls swoon over things. The only difference is that Buffy's right when she thinks everyone's swooning back. I'm just going to keep saying swoon.

Okay, conveniently, "The Three" just offered up their lives to fruit punch mouth as penance. They're so easily defeated. No longer an issue. 

Training segments between Buffy and Giles are just adorable. He is so well trained but she's the Slayer so she kicks his ass every time. 

Um. Can we just talk about the fact that Buffy's plan for Angel was to have him stay in her room for the entire day? Like, he must really like her a lot to stay there for so long. But she was right to think that he read her diary. That'd be my first instinct too. 

AHH! Angel just said how he just always thinks about kissing Buffy! 

AHH! AND NOW THEY'RE KISSING! And now Angel's face turned into a vampire and she screamed and he ran away! OMG! That's why he's so good at fighting, duh!

I've seen this so many times and I'm still just so excited. I love watching her friends reactions to it. And how from day one Xander suggested killing Angel. A theme that he sticks with forever. He's the jealous type.

I would also like to point out that we're seeing Angel's place of living for the first time. And Darla's there. Since they have a past apparenlty. A very long past. Like, Kimonos and history. I'm just excited to get a little back story to Angel's story. He's not human. But he's not really like other Vampires either. In what way, you ask? Well, there's been mention of a curse now. So I bet that has something to do with it!

People in Sunnydale read very quickly! Or I bet they skim. Either way, it's impressive. So the Scoobies are reading up on Angel, or Angellus as he was called, and his 240 years as a vampire. He was a cold hearted killer for like ever and then all of a sudden he's in America not killing. Shunning his vampire buddies. So strange!

Isn't it fun that I'm playing stupid? I'm just along for the ride! 

Seriously though, I wonder if the Master can change into a normal human face like everyone else does. And just chooses not to. It's something to ponder. Hmm.

Oh no! Darla is at Buffy's house with Joyce (Buffy's mom). Claiming to be a tutor. Asking for a snack. What a total bitch. Great, now she's sucking her blood and Angel is busting in to save the day. Unfortunately for him, Buffy just walked in and assumed the worst (that Angel was trying to kill her mom). But can you blame her? he's got vamp face and Buffy's mom is missing some serious blood.

I do love that the hospital excuse for vampire bites is that they fell on a fork or something. Why do people just believe that? This should be like a gunshot wound! There should be inquiries! I guess they're not equipped to deal with the supernatural though. So it makes sense.

Anyway, now Buffy's effing pissed. So she's loading up her crossbow and gunning for Angel. But Angel's ready for her and he has Darla on his side! *fight music*

Also, I love that Joyce just think's the school is awesome and has a great librarian. Not that it's weird for this older guy to be hanging out with kids so often. It's a little weird. But now he knows that Darla is the one who bit Joyce, not Angel. So we'll see what he does with that info.

On to the fight scene! Buffy is questioning Angel about his motives. And Angel is telling her all this stuff about how awful he is. But now he's sharing the story about his curse. The curse that made it so that he has a soul. BUM BUM BUM! So now Angel can't kill anyone because he cares too much. He's so close to human. But so far. And he understands Buffy's struggles. Perfect combination, right? Too bad Darla's here. Talking about her relationship with angel as his Maker!

And she's shooting guns! What a weak little bitch. Vampires don't fight with guns. That's just dumb. Thankfully, Buffy is the fucking slayer so this isn't all that big of a fight. Just avoid bullets. Easy enough. Plus, Angel just staked his maker! So she's no longer a big bad either! Man, he must truly like Buffy to give that up. But he's just walking away! 

Cut to the master throwing a fit in his little cave about losing his favorite - Darla. And the weird fucking anointed kid is comforting him. With promises to kill everyone. It doesn't make much sense considering he's this non threatening little kid.

Oh well! We'll finish the episode at the post fumigation party. And Angel is there to talk/dance with Buffy. He's got some 'splaining to do. They're discussing how they could never work and shouldn't be together. Which they obviously sealed with a kiss. Because, why not? 

Episode over! Romance started?



  1. Swoon. I'd forgotten how totally uncool Darla was on Buffy. I much prefer Angel era Darla. So much more interesting.

    1. She was horrible on Buffy! Always wearing that stupid school girl outfit.

  2. I LOVE Angel/Buffy. As much as I love Spike, I was always more of an Angel fan. Great ep.

    1. I'm strictly team Spike. But these early episodes are a nice reminder of what Angel could have been.


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