Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Roadtripping: Milwaukee, WI

What kind of person travels to Wisconsin in the middle of winter? The kind who has a birthday in the middle of winter, that's who!

For John's birthday, we traveled north 1.5 hours for a mini-vacation. It's so close!

And we discovered that Milwaukee is really similar to Grand Rapids. It's like a small big city. That likes beers. And fattening foods.

I mean. It has a cheese castle. Which sadly is not made of cheese. But it does house a lot of cheese. So it's a solid start to the weekend.

After checking into the hotel we promptly jumped in the free shuttle and headed down to a nice little bar called Milwaukee Brat House.

This bar was our jam! It was low key. And playing motown. And had cheap beers and nice bar tenders. I would have stayed there all night if we had been to the city before. But nooooo. We had to explore!

So we headed one block away to this german place called Mader's. It looked nice! But it was just dead. Like, we were the only ones there and the bartender was just sweating like crazy behind the bar making us uncomfortable. Needless to say, we left pretty quickly.

We ended the night at some bar called Ugly's that was full of 20 something professionals ordering complicated shots. But it wasn't a bad way to end our first night in Milwaukee.

Saturday involved heading to the PBR Tour early in the afternoon (after buying some girl scout cookies). I was really surprised about how awesome it was after reading reviews on line. The owner of the old brewery is the one who gives the tours. And we got to drink PBR and watch a commercial involving Patrick Swayze dancing to Disco. Not bad at all!

What do you do when you're done at one brewery? Head to another! We headed over to Lakefront brewery where we intended to do a tour but were way too hungry and settled for a flight of beer and a cheese plate. Solid compromise if I do say so myself.

I'm not sure what compelled us to go to ANOTHER brewery. But after LAkefront, we headed to MKE. Honestly, we just wanted to go to the brewpub there. But when we got there it was the location for the tours. We were turning around to leave when a super nice guy came up and asked us if we wanted free tours because his friends had cancelled. It was the BEST tour. We had like unlimited beers and learned a lot and had an entertaining tour guide. I loved it. And we ended up so drunk. But that's neither here nor there.

Sunday morning involved waking up way earlier than I wanted to leave town. We stopped by the Bronze Fonz to say "Eyyyy" and then headed home. Seriously, look at my face. That's the face of waking up early. Boo!

Anyway, that's our super fun (cold) trip to Milwaukee!


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