Thursday, December 19, 2013

Power Ballad Thursday: Guns N Roses - November Rain

Okay, the original reason that I picked this song (other than it being awesome) is because in college, we had a hamster with giant balls. And we searched for info on hamsters and illness and found this site full of hamster info that had a midi file of November Rain playing. So I can't hear it without laughing about hamster balls.

I'm a grown up.

But I'm insane. I've watched the video like 3 times this morning. I got roped into the story.

First there's this trashy (and amazing) wedding dress. AND THEN (spoilers) the bitch is dead. After this big rain storm during the reception.

Originally, I thought she died of pneumonia. Because it was just so rainy.

But then it looked like people were jumping out of the way like there was a shooter at the reception during the rainstorm. Mainly, one guy jumped THROUGH the wedding cake. Which seems extreme for just getting out of a rain storm.

Cut to - funeral. Where there's a partition down the casket with a mirror reflecting half her face to make it look like she's got a normal face. So, something (gun shot) happened to her.


And then I read that the video was based on a short story by Del James (Axl's friend) about a blues musician who's ex shot her self. Which implies that the bride shot herself. There was like 1 seen where she looked sad in the car...I guess that she could be depressed.

And also, Slash walked out of the wedding to play an emotional solo in the desert. So maybe he loved her. And maybe she killed herself at the thought of being with Axl forever instead of Slash (sounds right to me). Or maybe Slash killed her during the reception. Is he at the funeral? I'll rewatch and tell you. He was at the funeral. So he didn't kill her.

I mean....come on

I'm sticking with suicide. It's the most plausible.

How is it only Thursday? What am I doing with my life?



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