Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Ultimate Christmas List (and a GIVEAWAY!)


Have you heard that it's December? A time for decorations and love and gifts? Oh, you hadn't gotten the memo yet? That's cool. Now you know.

I've spent the past month(ish) thinking of the perfect gifts to buy everyone in my life. So today, I reversed that thought process to come up with my own ultimate Christmas list - you know. Just in case.

1. Frankie and his Bride Salt and Pepper Shakers - Okay. John absolutely HATES this set. But that's why it's on my wishlist and not his. I mean, come on. It's two horror figures kissing. It's so cute and weird!

2. Effie Barbie - Have you seen Catching Fire yet? (I'm going to keep asking) I already have a Katniss from the first movie but look how adorable Effie is with dat hair and dem shoes!

3. Candy Pop Fuji Film - I LOVE my Fuji Instax. It takes the cutest little pitcures. But film is expensive. So, this is always on my list.

4. Funko Pop Robin 1966 - I collect vinyl toys. I'm a grown ass woman who likes toys. And 1966 batman stuff is too cute not to love.

5. Clue - Office Edition - I love The Office more than most people. And board games. And mystery.

6. Young House Love book - Have you read their blog? I freaking love it. And one day I'll have a house and need to redo things and want to stare at their beautiful projects.

7. Playmobil Santa's Home- This is the cutest little house. A-frame. Christmassy. I stinking love it. Just...look at the details!

Anyway, enough about my silly wishes and on to what's important.  For the month of December, I'm co-sponsoring a giveaway over on One Chocolate Box. You can enter multiple times and you'll be eligible for a $60 gift card to either Amazon or Modcloth.

Now, that's on EVERYONE'S wishlist. Cash money.

So head over to THIS post and enter the rafflecopter giveaway. There are directions and it's easy to follow along. I'd love it if one of my readers won this great prize. :)

And the link to the giveaway is always over on my sidebar if you get lost. So just do it!

What's on your Christmas List?



  1. That Effie barbie really is adorable! :) I only just recently saw Katniss - I don't visit children's isle very often, so I was completely oblivious about the Hunger Games Barbie line! I am getting some of those for my daughter once she's born (in February). It's as good an excuse as any :P Great post!

    Evie @Evie's Lifestyle

    1. I love them. I would recommend the Katniss from the first movie though. She's got her cargo pants and jacket. Super cute!

  2. Young House Love looks pretty cool. I'm in an apartment for the foreseeable future (and one that's government owned, so I don't do too much to it lol) but it looks like they have some other projects that might be worth a try.

    1. I'm pretty sure they're half the reason I want a house. Just for the space to DIY.

  3. Effie Barbie!!! Wow, I had no idea I'd still get excited over a Barbie doll at the age of 29. And I love the pop vinyl figures. I only have Maleficent so far.

    Imagine, Hunger Games pop vinyl... oh the excitement!!!


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