Thursday, December 5, 2013

Power Ballad Thursday: Bryan Adams - Heaven

I will admit that until I watched this video just now I had no idea what Bryan Adams looked like. And that makes sense because he's got a pretty generic look to him.

But the video has a story about being a drunk driver. And that's important and stuff.

Anecdote time! When I was in like...early high school and Napster was big I would just download everything that gave me feels. And Bryan Adams and that raspy voice just really hit home. And I have no idea why. Remember when there was a club remix of this song though? Well my BFF at the time and I would just adamantly demand that Bryan Adams was way better.

I think we just wanted to be different. Not in a cool way. Just a different way.

see. this bitch didn't know what he looked like either!

Anyway! happy PBT!



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