Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Give Thanks for Michigan!

I'm back in Illinois and back at work this week after a whole entire week in Michigan. So I'm sad. And well rested. And full.

We hosted Thanksgiving at my Dad's house this year and because my stepmom was in California :( I had to cook and decorate and entertain. Which, yes, I LOVE. But I also wished she could be there to be with the family.

Speaking of family - everyone was there! My dad, my mom, Mark, my grandma, Erich, Holly, and Hazel. We even got to skype with Nick and Kat and new baby chubby cheeks, Diana. It's the reason I take a whole week off to come home.

This is NOT a great photo. I didn't bring my camera home. But I needed to show you how much I don't understand cooking. I was in charge of mac and cheese and mashed potatoes (on the left of this photo). I MADE LIKE 10 POUNDS OF FOOD. When the night was done it didn't look like anyone had even touched the mac and cheese - even though they had. A lot. But it was all so yummy!

Oh, and did I mention the Lions won? No? Well they did. And it was amazing. And a Thanksgiving miracle!

I'm a little scatterbrained just looking at this girl. Hazel, my niece, is the cutest thing ever. She spent the evening wearing an arm rest cover as a hat and dragging a pillow around the room and laying down pretending to sleep. I can't even. I miss her a ton now.

So, outside of Thanksgiving itself the week was amazing. I saw Catching Fire on Monday with my lady friends (GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T. even if you have). I visited Erich and Hazel at home. I watched Son in Law (the ultimate Thanksgiving movie). I cooked. I went shopping. I ate a chicken finger pita. I bought a Christmas tree. I visited downtown Milford. I did a ton!

Onward to Christmas!!


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