Friday, April 6, 2012

March Photo a Day Recap

I think sometimes I need someone to poke me in the side and remind me that I need to stay on top of things like writing these posts.  I mean, come on, it's April.  And I'm just now posting the remainded of my March Photo a Day pictures from Instagram.

And you'll never guess the outcome of that little endeavor.  Oh wait, I'm not a very dedicated person, so you can probably guess that I didn't actually finish the month long project.  I stopped somewhere near the end when it asked me to take photos of things like my sink or garbage.  I just don't think those are very pretty.

And in case you needed to hear another excuse, I also got a  new laptop so I'm not very focused on blogging when I can't remember to take photos, let alone upload them to my precious new machine.  Anyway,  here's a recap for you!

Prompts: 10) Loud  11) Someone you talked to today  12) Fork (Dinglehopper)  13) A Sign (the best sign)  14) Clouds  15) Car  16) Sunglasses  17) Green  18&19) A corner of your home + funny  20) Before + After (delicious drinks)  21) Delicious  23) Moon  24) An Animal (snugs!)

I've got a list for post ideas.  So someone remind me to write them and I'll be sure to update more. ;)

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