Monday, April 30, 2012

Over the Weekend - Lazy Days

This was a pretty mellow weekend.  Which, to me, means it was an AWESOME weekend.  I don't care what people think.  I love a low key, chill life that involves watching movies and eating good foods. And playing team fortress 2.  Because I'm also a huge nerd.

So, Friday was seriously great. And also bad.  Great, because I got voted "best week" and got to leave work an hour early.  Which equated to me taking a nap.  So, obviously awesome.  Also great because John convinced me to watch Emperor's New Groove for the first time.  Pretty, pretty good!  But it was also a BAD day.  Because it's the day our fridge broke.

Let's just get the bad out of the weekend right away and say how much it sucks to not have a fridge.  First, we had to throw out everything.  Because not only did our fridge break, but it started to emit heat too.  Because fridges should heat things. Ew. So I called our landlord, who was of course not in the office on weekends.  And the second worst thing about having no fridge? Having nothing to drink that's cold!  Who wants heated up beer? Ew, again.  (Spoiler: the landlord is getting us a new fridge that won't be here til Thursday).

Moving on.  Saturday was great because I saw my boy, Jason Segel, in 5 Year Engagement with my dear friend, Kelly.  It was a long movie, and it got sad and harped on Michigan a bit, but overall I kinda loved it.  After the movie, and with no fridge, I picked up John and went to one of my favorite bar/restaurants, The Grafton.  For tasty diet busting Buffalo Chicken sandwiches. It was lovely.

Sunday was pretty nerdy.  We went to Danielle's to try to get caught up on our Avengers prequels.  Iron Man 2 and Thor.  Oof.  Thor.  So handsome.  It was a pretty perfect end to a lovely weekend.  And leads up to a pretty promising week.

1.) Grafton Menu of my favorite sandwich ever.   mmm.  Pretzel bun.
2.) Me stealing home plate on the walk home.
3.) Wednesday, muggin' on the card table.
4.) Niece's Name/Awesome store.  I love Hazel already.

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