Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome to Nerdtown

This was a wonderful weekend of nerdiness.  C2E2 was in town (which is a comic book and entertainment convention, in case ya didn't know) and we made a point of going.

This was my second con ever and I loved it even more than the last.  It's such an amazing way to see amazing artists and entertainers all in one place.  And the panels? Oh gosh.  Why didn't I go to any panels last year?  I will 100% be going to the Chicago Comic Con in August.  It just so happens to be on my birthday weekend again.  So that'll help sway the mister to going. :)

Not to mention I'll definitely wear a costumer next time.  Unless that's embarrassing to admit.  In which case, screw you.  You already know I'm a huge nerd. :)  So, it should be very surprising.  John dressed as Clark Kent and got so much positive reinforcement!  It was seriously awesome.

I guess I'm just writing this so that I can remember what a good time it was.  And to perhaps encourage others to go to these events too.  Even if you're not into dressing up or anything, it's still awesome.  Where else can you buy art from local artists en masse?  And see your favorite stars in the midwest?  Or get lost in a colorful world of crazy?  If you need someone to go with, you know I'll be there. :)

Boyfriend Wonder.

Seriously? Nicholas Brendon is effing hilarious.  And I've loved him for years.  Seeing him up close was so memorable and awesome.

Lauren Cohan and Steven Yuen from The Walking Dead.  Adorable and super humble.  Loved them.

Nerd couple extraordinaire.  Happy at the end of a long day of awesome.

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