Monday, March 12, 2012

D.I.Y. Card Table Makeover

I don't know about you, but I had a super productive and awesome weekend.

How's that for leading a story? 

I spent Saturday re-reading the first book in the Hunger Games series for several hours.  It was a beautiful day, so I spent it inside with the windows open and an e-book in my hands.  Honestly, it was glorious. 

Sunday was pretty much the complete opposite of my lackadasical Saturday.  When the world tells me to "Spring Forward"... I do it!

We woke up early and headed to the mall and miraculously ended up going to Home Depot.  Where we were super inspired to do awesome things like grill and plant stuff on our patio.  But more importantly, we got some stuff to do some real projects at home.  Like wood glue to fix some chairs.  And wires and picture hangy stuff for a crafty project I had in mind (more on that later - when I finish it).

I think it's safe to blame Home Depot for my decision to detour and go to Brown Elephant (a local thrift store a la Salvation Army).  I needed to get a wooden picture frame and John stumbled across a wooden card table with legs that fold up.  It was looking a little worse for the wear but it was 8 bucks! and it was on sale!  So, he convinced me that we needed it (ha! like I needed convincing!) and we brought it to the car. 

Once we got it in the back seat and got on the road, we were talking about what we wanted to do with it when we passed by a local hardware store (Crafty Beaver) and decided to see what they had in the way of paint.  We've never really done anything like this, so we had a ton of questions and the employees were more than nice enough to help us out.  So, we picked up some sand paper, sponge brushes, and a quart of lucky green paint. 

I think it's safe to say that the reason this project happened is that it was insanely beautiful out yesterday.  Like, sunny and amazing.  So we drove home and John got to work sanding the table down.  It only took the boy like 20 minutes to completely sand it and make it perfect for painting.

We brought it upstairs, wiped it down, and set up a safe area in our kitchen with parchment paper taped to the floor and paint ready to go.  At this point, John was a little wary about the color we chose since it was looking a little girly but we powered through painting the top and took a break.

John took full advantage of the break by going to the park to play frisbee whereas I took advantage by not taking a break and just going ahead and painting the legs and doing touchups to the top.  He was so surprised when he came home to a finished (albeit wet) project.

But seriously guys.  It's dry now and it's so amazing.  The paint really breathed new life into this baby.  And now we have the most perfect setting for game nights ever!  No more sitting on the ground and having a hurt back! No more dog hair!  You should come over and play with us! 

Total project:
Time: about 2 hours maybe
Price of Table: $7.50
Price of Paint and brushes: $16.00
Total: $22.50


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