Monday, June 13, 2011

Over the Weekend: Dad Edition

On Thursday, my dad came out to Chi town for a visit.  It's still cool to call it Chi town, right?

To be honest, I was a little nervous at the idea of entertaining him all on my own but it turns out that two likeminded individuals can fair quite well when left to their own devices.  And by their own devices, I mean my PS3 and Netflix streaming instantly.

It turns out my dad enjoys Arrested Development which works out well since all of his kids freaking love that show.  I mean, come on, my brother's dog is named Maeby and my dad never knew why until this past weekend.  It's actually really funny to watch TV with my dad because he does this thing where he asks questions throughout the program.  "Who's that guy?" "What does GOB mean?" "When did they rebuild the banana stand?" I love it.

On Friday, it was pretty chilly and we had no real prospects as far as things to do.  So what would any self respecting father daughter duo do but go to Ikea all the way out in Schaumburg? That's right, I dragged him out way out there just to go shopping for apartment things.  Namely, curtains.  But he's the type of guy (read: carpenter) who enjoys working on projects so I didn't feel all that bad asking him to help me out.

We made it home without spending too much money and realized that we didn't have the necessary hardware for installation.  So I hung up the prints that I bought since I had more than enough nails and laid out the door mat and was just amazed.  I'm seriously in love with my apartment these days.  So we stayed in and ordered a pizza, admiring our purchases and drinking beer.

Saturday rolled around and I woke up to take Ash dog to the dog groomer for a deshedding (AMAZING). And we picked up the screws to hang my curtain rod.  Since it took forever for Ash to get groomed we had enough time to hem my curtains (sans sewing) and hang em before having to go get him.  Let me tell you, for $50 I have completely transformed my bedroom.  If I knew I was staying in this apartment much longer, I'd rush out to Ikea to outfit the rest of my windows.  Seriously. It's that awesome.

After picking up Ashdog, we drove way up north to Wisconsin to visit my stepmom and her sisters since that's where they were staying after dropping my dad off at my place.  Honestly, I wish I had the chance to pick up some cheese but alas, my love affair with cheese will have to wait until another day.  But that's one more state I can check off the fifty nifty United States list since I'd never been there til this past weekend.  It was a late drive home but it was well worth it to sleep in my freshly made bed with light blocking curtains.

I'm going to obsess over these curtains for at least a few more weeks.  Like, it's crazy how into them I am. You'd think they were Joseph Gordon Levitt or something.

But in all, that's the gist of my weekend. Except oh! The next best part (you know, after the wonder curtains) - my dad bought me an insanely awesome vacuum!  I'm telling you, every time people visit they say they're going to get me a vacuum to deal with the dog hair.  Well, someone finally buckled under the allergy pressure and bought me one! Best reverse Father's day present ever! My rug is seriously clean.  You could lay on it and not get up with hair all up in your bidness.  That's how clean it is. It's bidness cleaning power. Impressive.

Anyway! I'll try to be back later in the week to show off some neat things I'm working on these days!

I didn't take any photos this weekend. So just imagine this is exactly how we looked the whole time.

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