Monday, June 27, 2011

Over the weekend: Low Key Grand Rapids

This weekend was spent in Grand Rapids, nursing a boyfriend full of bruises and stitches from surgery.  Oh, and celebrating our 4 year anniversary.  Except that we knew it'd be mostly nursing and bland foods so we celebrated a week ago.

You know how sometimes it's just perfect timing to be completely chill and relaxed and do practically nothing?  This was one of those times.  We hung out around the apartment with the animals.  Watching movies like Tron and playing video games like L.A. Noir.   And by playing I mean, I was the navigator.  Which is pretty much my best trait in video games.  Unlike real life where I get lost constantly (like this weekend when I got lost on the way to GR somehow).

In true relaxing Michigander style, we drank sodas and went to the antique market.  My favorite antique store.  With reasonable prices and super nice people.  Let's have a little look see!

These frosted glasses were so perfect!"]

Awesome old lady couch.

Am I the only person who thinks that last picture is hilarious?  It was a sign in a junk shop we stopped in and it cracked me up.  For obvious reasons.  Not pictured: crazy amount of hands.

I'm feeling super scatter brained now, but let's just say that I napped a lot this weekend.  John ate salads while I ate french fries.  And I had to rush home to watch True Blood with my girl Danielle. Oh! And I happened to come out of the deal with a few AMAZING Pyrex finds.

Pyrex love.

I've told you about my unnaural love of all things Pyrex before, right? If not, behold: I am insane.  I collect bakeware and bowls in bright patterns.  And I can't stop.  Today I actually considered the idea of having a Pyrex themed birthday...  Where people bring me Pyrex in exchange for an awesome time.  But that's messed up, right?


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