Monday, April 25, 2011

Zombie Jesus Day

When people think of me, I worry sometimes that they view me as some sort of emotionally underdeveloped person who is stuck in their childhood.  Mostly because I enjoy things like dying Easter eggs and watching Disney movies.  Playing board games and acting a fool all over the place.

But then I realize that there's nothing to worry about because I have friends in my life who completely 100% get me.  Not only do they get me but they sort of fuel my crazy.

They go out to bars with me and let me ramble on about how the human centipede works and why it'd be worst to be stuck behind a dude in that situation.  (Let's just say there was a paper representation of balls in my explanation...ahem)

Then the next day they turn up at my door to dye eggs and bake sugar cookies for my office.  I love it.  And in honor of my love for it I tried to watch the Human Centipede on Netflix with them but it wasn't meant to be. Shucks.

Oh well.  The ladies and I did manage to create some lovely art.  Including such gems as kitties on eggs, cute swirls, and know....a zombie egg.

Do you think zombie chicks eat brains too?

On a lighter note than the undead....I baked some cookies for my officemates as well.  Tasty sugar cookies.  Sorely lacking in frosting but still tasty.  Maybe next time I'll ice them.... big maybe.

Out of like 200 cookie cutters in my kitchen, the only Eastery ones I had were a bunny and an egg.

I'm still planning on instituing a "Treats Day" once a month in the office wherein I bake something I've been wanting to try and bring it in just so that I can convince people to like me more.  But moreso it's because I have a stack (mental stack) of recipes I want to try out for baked goods but I don't want to sit around eating 24 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes on my own. Probably.

Side note, or rather...end note.  I've got two new recipes to try out this week in the neverending saga that is "Amanda learns how to feed herself".  I'm super excited about both. Om nom noms will be had this week. They WILL.

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