Monday, April 18, 2011

I feel like chicken tonight!

Honestly, I'm still pretty euphoric over tonight's dinner.  I tried a recipe that I've never made before and never seen anyone make before so it was truly intimidating.

Tonight I made some absolutely delicious chicken parmesan.

Food photographer I am not. (yet)

I had to do an egg wash on the chicken breast tenders. Coat it in my breadcrumb parmesan mixture. Fry it. Then bake it in tomato sauce.  I'm so proud of myself!

True, the whole time I was doing it I was terrified the chicken would come out raw or burnt.  Or that I had forgotten some key step.  But all in all I'd say it was a complete success.  And I fully plan on making it again if anyone ever wants to come over for a home cooked meal.

A home cooked meal that isn't entirely consisting of appetizers.  Or baked goods. And I have leftovers that I'm actually looking forward to!  (Btw - the meatloaf leftovers were a no go and got pitched)

Man. What should I cook next?  I need recipe suggestions for simple but tasty things to make so I can go buy the stuff to make it.  Right now I only have the stuff leftover for turkey goulash.  Which still doesn't sound appetizing at all.


  1. you should check out natalie's killer cuisine: she always has awesome amazing sounding ideas and her recipe steps are pretty good to follow as well. my favorites so far have been the twice baked potatoes and the potato soup.

  2. Nice! I've got a new blog to read in my down time... haha


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