Thursday, March 6, 2014

Power Ballad Thursday: The Pretenders - I'll Stand By You

To answer your question, no I have not given up on the Buffy Rewatch. I'm just taking a break to burn through Veronica Mars before the movie comes out. I DO WHAT I WANT!


It's Power Ballad Thursday here on the blog you're reading!

Let's listen to The Preternders. And admire Chrissie Hynde's patriotic star t-shurt!

I'm pretty sure this video is about addiction? I dunno. This guy she's hanging on seems jittery. And then he takes off his shirt. But she stands by him! And mends his shirt! and blocks out the sun from him.


And okay, now he seems dead.

Oh, good, he's not. He's just almost dead. But she keeps putting water on him. I think it symbolizes holy water. Totally. But not really.

Whatever, this addict guy has beautiful hair and isn't dead at the end of the video. He's just unconscious. And that's okay! Because eventually he'll get better and leave her! It's cool guys!

Man, there's something off about the way my brain works.

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