Monday, March 17, 2014

Music Monday: Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang

This is a low key little number as I'm not feeling like dancing much today. Maybe you are? If so, check the Music Monday tag and look for a different song to listen to.

Otherwise, get on board with this!

I've just spent the weekend in Michigan with my bff and family. It was amazing and rejuvenating. Until my dad got me sick!

I've got a cold and a little bit of a sore throat now. :( But it's okay. Because I'm back in Chicago, being productive at work and dreaming about life outside.

Back to the song. Look at what a babe Nancy Sinatra is.

And am I the only one who thinks of the movie Now and Then when I hear her name? "How short are those shorts? How tall are those boots?"

(Btw, i thought they said "how tall are those boobs" when I was a kid. I was wrong. I think I have bad hearing)

Anyway! How was your weekend?


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