Thursday, August 1, 2013

Power Ballad Thursday (vol. 1): Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You

Yesterday, my good buddy Sam told me that her boss used to play power ballads in their office really loud on Thursdays.  Doesn't that sound AMAZING?  So, we decided to embrace it ourselves and share some great music to get you through a Thursday.

Power Ballad Thursday (or #PBT for you Twitter folks) starts now.  LET'S DO THIS GUYS!

My share this week comes to you all the way from New Jersey.  It's Bon Jovi, y'all!  I really love this song.  So get on board!

Share your favorites!

(Excessive exclamation marks are required for #PBT apparently)


  1. Is there anything better than a good power ballad? I don't think so! Sam's boss kind of sounds amazing, must be a fun place to work.

    1. Right? Power ballads make the bright days brighter.


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