Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moving on up

Guess who moved!

It's me! If you really thought it was anyone else, you're just nuts.

Well, really, we're still in the process of moving.  But at least I get to do some of my favorite thing- UNPACKING.

You'd think that if moving is stressful, unpacking must be stressful too but oh man, you'd be wrong.  I seriously love unpacking.  I think it's really only because I love designing a new home.  Deciding where furniture goes. Hanging art. Figuring out a way to hide a giant movie collection in plain sight. I live for this shit.

I haven't taken any pictures since the day we moved the majority of our stuff, but I'll be taking more once everything is set up.  Actually, I'd say that the living room is at like 85% completion right now.  I've been a busy little bee.

We have until the end of the week to get the remainder of our stuff out of our old place.  Which wouldn't be hard if it wasn't insanely hot every day when we get out of work.  We've spent the past few nights roaming our new neighborhood (Lincoln Square) and you'll never guess where we've eaten the most.  The bowling alley.  That's right, we've eaten at a bowling alley the past 2 nights in a row.  but, to our credit, their food is good, they recently remodeled, and they have insane prices.  

Home is where the bookshelf is. (write that down)

Oh, and just so that I'm not just gushing - there HAVE been a few setbacks to this move.  Like the weather being insanely hot. Or a shoe falling on my head while I sleep.  Or the air conditioner dripping water on my pillows for over an hour without me noticing. Or not being able to get internet set up right away.  It's just that the good outweighs the bad.  And also I get to go to Michigan at the end of the week so I can deal with pretty much anything.

But, basically, we love it here.  The apartment is great and has amazing natural light (which makes it sort of hot) and a new kitchen with actual counters.  The neighborhood is full of friendly people and puppies to pet. Please come visit soon.  Really.


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