Monday, June 11, 2012

OTW: Grand Rapids 2k12

Ahh! What a weekend!  John, Ashdog, and I trekked out to Grand Rapids on Friday after work for a glorious weekend retreat in our old stomping grounds.  Planned according to the schedule of the annual Heritage Hill garage sale, which just seemed to be a perfect weekend to do.

We got to Hudsonville kind of late on Friday night for our stay in the Super 8 that had a non functioning pool - much to our dismay. And a sporatic internet connection - also bad! But it was cheap! And allowed dogs! And had basic cable! And air conditioning!  So it was pretty perfect.  We fell asleep sort of early so we could fully enjoy our Saturday downtown.

And enjoy we did!  We headed down to The Brandywine, one of our favorite breakfast spots. Where we were THRILLED to find out we could order junior portions of our favorite omelettes (him) and scrambles (her).  It was the perfect light breakfast for a day in the sun.  And the best way to inspire a motto for the weekend - "Yum yum yum!"

After breakfast, we met up with our dear friend Sasha to go garage sale-ing all throughout the neighborhood known as Heritage Hill.  It was fantastic catching up and hanging out.  We got to buy awesome things like framed calendar pages of cowboys and VHS tapes and even a blank cornhole game for $10!  Obviously the last one there was the best purchase made throughout the weekend.  It is something we've been wanting to make and now we don't have to do that at all.  We just get to paint it!

Spending several hours at garage sales leads to a lot of hunger and the best way to satisfy that hunger is to head to Cherry Street Deli for some tasty GR themed Sandwiches.  Seriously, yum yum yum!  And I got to have my favorite cream soda!  So it was a great lunch.

After lunching at the deli and hitting up the antique store (which was a bust) we dropped Sasha off and headed to the hotel to check on the dog/nap.  Had to recharge the batteries for dinner and drinks downtown!  So we did just that and headed back downtown to meetup with Sasha and get sushi at my personal favorite, Marado Sushi.  Anytime I can get a crazy boy roll is a good time.

We finished up and walked down to get some tasty beers and crack fries at the Hopcat.  I mean, no trip to GR is complete without the Hopcat, right?  And sitting on the patio was pretty perfect too.  But we only had 1 or 2 beers there before heading to Stella's where we accidentally camped out for the night.  Honestly, it was just too perfect to leave.  Good beers, good conversations, and a good bartender.  What more can you want? (Hot dogs.  I wanted hot dogs.)

Sasha and Me @ Stella's.  Post "serious face" photo.
 I could go on and on about how great a time it was but there are some things you need to keep to yourself.  Like inside jokes and great conversations with friends you've missed.  And the inexplainable feeling of nostalgia just walking those streets.  I mean, Chicago is great but Grand Rapids feels like home! 

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