Wednesday, June 6, 2012


View from the Zoo


Loving: This weather!  Are you kidding me?  It's perfect outside lately (rainy days not included).  I love a day that is sunny and in the mid 70s.  It makes it comfortable enough to leave the windows open and not worry about losing a bet concerning our air conditoner.

Working on: Rededicating myself (again!) to everything I've lapsed on in the past month.  Like eating better.  And working out.  And writing in my blog...  But I'm going to try to do better!

Wishing: That my family lived closer/visited more.  Just the other day, John was making us steaks in the kitchen and I was staring out the door waxing poetic about missing my dad and wishing we could just go to his house and have a BBQ.  So maybe when I say I wish they lived closer, I mean I wish I lived closer.  I miss Michigan a lot in the summer.

Waiting for: The weekend!  John, Ashdog, and I are trekking up to Grand Rapids (!) for the weekend on Friday and it just can't come soon enough.  We've been talking about where we want to eat/drink for well over a month now and I'm just so excited to be back there!

Listening to: A crazy mix of Spotify favorites that range from 90s RnB to teenage pop music to oldies to dance mixes.  To say that I have scattered tastes would be an understatement.


  1. Have the best time in GR. Love youuuuu!

    1. Thanks lady! I wish you were going to be there too (magically).


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