Monday, July 2, 2012

Grilled Steak Fajitas

Hey guys!  Remember when I 'vowed' to try new recipes?  Well get ready! because we are getting serious about it over here.  I recently found the blog Skinny Taste and went a little crazy bookmarking recipes.

And then I went to the store and bought enough stuff to cook 7 meals this week and it's going to be insane.  And delicious.  And a lesson in retraining our bodies to enjoy healthier stuff.  Whatever.

So, Sunday night dinner was a tasty treat of Grilled Steak Fajitas.  And you should consider yourselves lucky because John documented the whole endeavor!  Now, obviously you can click on the link above for the actual recipe but if you're a better cook than us you might be able to get it from just the photos and tiny descriptions below.

Step 1: Chop your shit.  Clean it first (I guess).  If you're human, you cry now and end up having to rinse your eyes in the sink.

Step 2: Listen to AMAZING jams on your record player (or computer if you aren't awesome).

Step 3: Keep chopping! Oh my god!!!!!! CHOP IT!!!

Step 4: Throw your veggies in a pot and cook them for like 20 minutes (or until the onions are carmelized).  I'll be honest, this is the point in the cooking where I left the room and cleaned.

Step 5: Grill your flank steak that you preseasoned.  It should be medium rare.  Again, I had no part in this.


Step 7: Enjoy!  It will be amazing!  You can add things to it (sour cream, cheese, etc.)

Seriously, finding this other blog was a great thing.  It tells you the nutriotional info and everything looks amazing and easy to do.  I definitely recommend you check it out.  Or come to our place for dinner.  Because we cook now.  (I swear I'll cook the next one...)

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