Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Open Letter to Jason Segel

Dear Jason Segel,
I'm sure you hear this a lot, but I pretty much love you.  In a completely non creepy admiring your work way and also in a more creepy want to have your large babies kind of way. 
To the former, I seriously love watching your movies and tv shows.  Like, when friends give me the opportunity to select a few movies for the evening, more often than not, at least one movie that you're in will end up in the mix.  Because I'm fully aware that anything you're in has the instant ability to make me laugh out loud.  Not just say I'm finding it funny, but genuinely laughing out loud. 
I brought "I Love You Man" home for the holidays last Thanksgiving and watched it with my dad and step mom.  They weren't to sure about it when we started but they ended up loving it and making jokes about it the whole week I was there.  Which couldn't have made me happier.  They also couldn't get over just how socially awkward Paul Rudd's character was, but that's a different letter entirely.
Now, for the latter.  As a celebrity, I'm sure you're aware that us non famous people (is it weird that I wanted to say "non-famos"  as though that's a term famous people have for us normies?  Yes, normies is another term I think you should use.) have lists of our Top 5 Celebrities for leaving or significant others for.  And, I'm sure you can tell what's coming next, but you are on my list! Shocking, I know.  But not only are you on the list, you're number 1 with a bullett (although, I think that terminology is used when you've recently moved to that spot and that's not the case now, but whatever).  Like, my list goes 1. You (Jason Segel). 2.) Ryan Gosling. 3.) Joseph Gordon Levitt and so on.  And those other spots?  They're constantly changing.
So, to catch you up.   I love your work and I think you're fantastic.  Your comedic timing is amazing and your sense of humour is pretty on par with my own.  If you ever get bored living the famous life and need a cookie or something, let me know.  Because I can provide that for you.  Cookies.  And cupcakes. And cake balls.  Mostly just baked goods.  I'm not good for much else.  Maybe some crafts.  Like, if you need anything staple gunned - I've got a staple gun.  So, there's that. 
I guess I just wanted to let you know you're well liked and appreciated.  In case you were ever curious.  People love you and think you should keep up the good work.  People being me, and work also being me. Wait, that makes no sense.  I'm clearly rambling.  Oh well.  Stay awesome!

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