Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Over the Weekend: The lost weeks

Oh my goodness! I've neglected you so, dear blog.  It has just been insanely hot and since I don't have an air conditioner, I've neglected many things, including this blog, cleaning my apartment, and pants.

That's right.  I live in a pants free zone when the weathers this hot.  Remember 2 weeks ago when it was like 100 degrees every day? Yeah, I had to board Ash so that he would have air conditioning.  That's how bad it was.  Not bad enough for me to invest in an air conditioner though. No, no.  I'm to frugal for that.

Anyway! Instead of just updating you about what I did this past weekend, I figured I'd just list out all the fun stuff you've been missing out on while I was away.  This does not include no pants parties.  But you can just assume most things are done without pants.

I think I've crossed a line.  I shouldn't tell you all that much about my pants. Oh well. Too late to worry about it now.

Moving on. Here's the list:

  • Finished watching all of the Harry Potter movies on DVD in time to see it in theaters the Tuesday after it came out.  I sincerely love Half Priced Tuesdays at the theater.
  • Went on a booze cruise with work.  No seriously, that's how awesome my job is.  And booze aside, it was an AWESOME boat tour!  We started in the lake and rode through the Chicago River.  I even touched the underside of one of the bridges.  And I saw fireworks at Navy Pier from the lake.  Very nice!
  • Saw Captain America and marveled at how weird he looked as a tiny body with Chris Evans' head.
  • Read the entire "A Game of Thrones" book.  The first in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin. My gosh.  This book was so good! And the longest thing I've read in a while at an impressive 750 pages.  And there were baby direwolves and swords and betrayal and incest and heroes and awesome stuff!  I'm already reading the second book.  Because it was THAT good.
  • Painted my nails in fun new ways. (And to think - this is 5 days later.  They looked amazing at first.)

  • Played games.  Video games (Kingdom Hearts). Board games (Cranium). Word games (crosswords). I like me some games.
  • Apartment hunted like a mad woman.  I've seen so much prime real estate! I've got an offer in on one, so I'm just crossing my fingers they accept since I'm in love with the location/size. (since writing this - they accepted! so I need to move in a month!)

 I'm sure there was more but a lot of my time was also spent napping so as to forget the heat.  As well as general lazing about for the same reason.  I'm sincerely longing for the time that it's 70 degrees.  That'd be a nice birthday present. BTW - Are you aware that my birthday is in like a week? Yeah. It is.  That's pretty awesome.

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