Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Faves: Birthday Wishlist



Does everyone know what next Tuesday (August 9th) is?

That's right. My BIRTHDAY. Plan accordingly.

And by "plan accordingly" I assume you will go about your business as usual.  Which is fine, so long as in the back of your head you're aware that it's a very special day that the world (re: my parents) brought you the gift that is me.

I was originally going to do a completely different post today until I realized there wouldn't be another chance to expand on my wishlist until Christmas.  Keep in mind, I'm cool with never getting any of this stuff. But it's a wishlist for a reason.

1.) Fancy camera bag/purse

I have wanted a bag like this for a long while.  It's a hand made gorgeous faux leather purse that also doubles as a serious camera bag.  It has padding and separators and everything.  I'm hooked.  Just never hooked enough to buy myself one.  This one is JoTotes.

2.) Gruff Sparty MSU T shirt

This is a more recent addition to my "Want Have" list.  But I love it. And I'm obsessed with it.  I went to Michigan State University and I love gruff sparty so much more than new sparty.  He's so awesome!  If we're being honest, there's a reasonable chance I'll buy this for myself once I lift my spending freeze.

3.) KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Okay, you know I love baking.  But are you aware how much better life is with a good stand mixer?  It's amazing.  Not only is everything immensely easier but your kitchen looks about 10x more adorable.  And I love yellow.  So of course I'd pick yellow for a mixer.

4.) Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous (Vinyl)

I'm not sure if everyone here is aware that I love records.  So let me take a moment to let you in on a secret - I love records.  I love the look of them. I love that they get dusty. I love my old timey "portable" record player. And most of all, I love dancing around my living room listening to fun songs on vinyl.  And this particular album has eluded me thus far.  I cannot for the life of me find it on vinyl anywhere! Even on Amazon, the site of all amazing things, it's out of stock and expensive. I mean, come on.

5.) Great Lakes Topography in aqua

Do you understand what this is? It's a papercraft of topography of Michigan. I stinking love Michigan from the bottom of my heart.  And this is just amazing to me.  I always have my eye on this piece but I've yet to pull the trigger.

This is just a snippet of my dream wishlist.  Ideally, we'd all get everything we want in the world, but then we wouldn't appreciate the things we have.  Either way, I'm looking forward to my birthday next week.  Not to mention the Tarantino themed party I'm having the next weekend and the fact that I'm going to Comic Con on Friday.  PUMPED.

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