Monday, July 11, 2011

Over the Weekend: When the lights go down in the city

I'm in love with weekends.  But you know what I'm not in love with? Losing power on super hot days.  But more on that later.

First of all, let me tell you that the cupcakes from the last post were AMAZING.  Seriously.  Go make them now.  Or pay me to do know.  Just for kicks.

But moving on.  Friday was spent just hanging out around the apartment watching X-men cartoons like a normal person does.  John drove out to visit and instead of watching sad movies, we went out and bought Anchorman. At 9:30 at night.  To make it mre justifiable, I bought Cry Baby, cookies, soda, and some picture frames.  Just so that no one would be any the wiser.  But let me tell ya.  Anchorman really holds up.  And I didn't realize how many lines we say on a daily basis are from that movie.  It's a little crazy.

Saturday brought a neighbors overflowing toilet that somehow filled my light fixture with water.  So that was pretty much a great way to wake up... We went out and tried a new breakfast place down Damen, Marmalade.  it was pretty good but everyone there was dressed to work out so I felt really out of place what with my not working out ever.  I felt like they could just sense it on me.  "Oh, her with the french toast? She doesn't get why we're all dressed for running on a Saturday."

So, after their leers and judgement (that I might be making up in my head), we went home and took a nap.  Just to spite them.  And then felt bad about it so we went to the park and played frisbee for a while and eventually watched an episode of Archer.  Because we needed to be rewarded for being so gosh darn active.  But it was genuinely one of those moments where I thought, wow.  Why don't I spend more time sitting in the shade in the park?  We'll see if it leads to anything.

After this whole park outing, we kept the momentum going by catching an early dinner at Fireside Lounge before heading to Skokie to see Horible Bosses.  The food was aces and the movie had me laughing out loud.  I love me a good comedy.  Especially in the summer.  Seriously though? I'm not sure anyone fully understands my love affair with Pulled Pork.  I don't think I had ever had it until this year.  And I just can't get enough.  I absolutely love it.  And I make a mean pulled pork when I'm feeling like putting forth a little effort.  But maybe I'll tell you about that a little later.

I've smartly named this nail polish birthday cake.

This sandwich lasted less than 5 minutes. I'm so glad there are no "during" photos.

I give pulled pork 2 thumbs up!

After the movie let out we went to the grocery store and felt like 21 year olds buying alcohol for the first time.  Only to return to an apartment with absolutely no power because once a year my entire block likes to completely stop having lights.  In case there's going to be a zombie apocolypse.  It makes me feel like it's a practice run.  But in this practice run, we bagged up our vodkas and juices and hightailed it to Danielle's apartment with Jessica to play Mario Party.  It was just perfect.

Sunday was spent trying out a new to us restaurant in Andersonville with delicious half priced sushi on a Sunday of all days.  And catching up on the latest happenings in Bon Temps.  I'm not really looking forward to having a full work week this week but I think the fact that Ashdog will be home next weekend will greatly help.

Have a good week everyone!  Don't forget to get a free slushie at 7/11 today!


  1. marmelade is right next door! did you like (aside from the crazy runner people? thanks for the tip - i'll dress like an athlete when i go...)? i'm loving the fact that there's a vegan juice bar at montrose & winchester AND a partial vegan brunch place at montrose & damen... makes a lactose intolerant vegetarian feel very welcome here :)

  2. It was good! We had to share a table with strangers, so I think they need more 2-tops, but the food was tasty. And everyone else's food looked awesome.


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