Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Over the Weekend: Independence Day

I know what you're thinking.  This post is late.  It's Tuesday and the weekend ended on Sunday.

But oh-ho! WAIT JUST A SECOND!  That's not true because this, the weekend of our independence, was a long weekend. Boom. Mind blown.

It took a little extra time getting going, I'll give you that.  Despite getting out of work an hour later after winning a game of Euchre, I had a vet appointment for sir Ash.  Just a routine checkup.  The type that will put me in the poor house.  But I digress.  We eventually got on the road for what would be a 4 hour drive to Grand Rapids. Woah!  The only positive is that at the end of said drive I got to see John, snug, and get a Totoro stuffed animal.  (more on that at a later time)

But really, I just passed out.  It was such a long day.  So we woke up early the next day to drive 2 hours across the state to my Dad's house for what I'm referring to as "Ash's Summer Camp".  See, Ash enjoyed his Michigan summer so much last year that he begged to do it again this year.  I'm convinced that he's sitting around making lanyards and tie dying the shit out of things right this second.

We were only there for the day/night, but being home is just really comforting.  We ate Crazy Gator pizza.  Picked up 4 dozen breadsticks at the Highland House.  Watched TruTV and bad movies.  It was grand.  Very relaxing.  All I'll say is that I have the urge to make Super Mix Tapes now from watching No Strings Attached.  They will be crazy on theme.  I love a good theme after all.

So, we woke up super early on Sunday and drove another 2 hours out to the Marshall area for Sam's annual 4th of July bonanza.  We hugged. And got caught up on each other's lives.  Played some rousing games of "Seaweed or Poot" and "Blood or Twizzlers".  We came up with insane catch phrases such as "I'd rather be galanging."  I mean, come on.  It was amazing.

I won't get caught up on details since it's really more of a "You had to be there" type of thing.  And I'm sad I didn't even bring my camera but sometimes memories are good just as memories.  And after a 2 hour drive to Grand Rapid, followed by a 4 hour drive home to Chicago, my long weekend came to a close.  With sore muscles, sun burns, and a complete loss of my voice.  I love a nice long weekend.  (less drving next time though, please!)


  1. I am jealous. For multiple reasons because your weeknd sounds awesome, but mostly because I'm in chronic Euchre withdrawal.

    Maybe I could make it a Thing down here....

  2. I think you could do it. Euchre is awesome enough to catch on anywhere.


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