Monday, January 25, 2010

We Need More Boxes

Guess what I find super stressful. Moving.

I hate packing.  I hate organizing what should go in what boxes with what.  I hate not knowing what I might need in the next week and therefore should leave unboxed.

But I've found out something way worse than just your typical move.  And that is the Mystery Move.  That's right folks, I have NO IDEA where I'm moving at the end of this week.

Hopefully, I'll be getting this fantastic job that I have a final interview for on Wednesday.  It sounds like this company and I would get along and want to be faithful forever and ever.  And I felt really comfortable there.  I hope having a final interview and a job shadow is a good sign.

Good enough to make me feel okay about setting up apartment viewings in Chicago on Wednesday morning.  Did I mention this perfect job is in Chicago? Mannnn.  Talk about a dream situation.

But the most important point is this: OUR LEASE IS UP ON SUNDAY.

That's right. Sunday.  Just a mere four days after an interview that I'm planning on acing.

Oh, and Thursday is John's birthday.  Yeah.  So much to do.

So, cross your fingers and your toes and whatever else you can cross that I get this job.  Otherwise we're both moving back home to separate homes and sad times.  Womp womp.

Here's the plan.  Sell all furniture (pretty much done). Pack all shit into boxes.  Minimize crying.  Eat Ho-hos.  Drink all liquor in freezer.  No, seriously, don't cry.  Purge stuff that you no longer need.  Plan a good day for John.  Kick ass in final interview.  Get job.  Move to Chicago.  STOP CRYING.  Eat another Ho-ho.



  1. yeah, moving is no fun, no matter where you are going. but im crossing my fingers that chicago goes well for you! (even though i would love for you to live closer to me, but i know you'd be happier in chicago)

  2. Chicago is awesome! There are some great cycling women there too (Dottie of Let's Go Ride a Bike, Elizabeth of Bike Commuters, and more!).

    Good luck with your interview!

  3. Chicago really is awesome. Thanks for the well wishes!


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