Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Family Affair

Bike Family

This is our bike family.

It's not going to get any bigger any time soon and that's okay with me (for once).

Starting left to right, here we go:

Lil Hidalgo - Worksman Folding Bicycle.  This little guy is deceiving.  He's ridiculously heavy for a folding bike, making it illogical to travel with on public transportation.  But we rarely take public transportation.

Main points - He folds up for easy storage and semi easy travel.  He provides a smooth ride for our guests who may not normally want to ride a bike.  He has coaster brakes, which have proven to be a foreign concept.  And he has fenders and a rack, making him highly capable of pizza delivery to our patio.

Fiona - This is my darling love, Fiona, the Raleigh LTD-3 that we all know so well.  I found this bike when hunting for a bike for Johnpants and I called on her instantly.  She was a steal at $50 and is the best bike for me at this time.  Very little damage or rust or blemishes at all.  And look at those fenders! Hoo doggie!!  I added the gorgeous wicker basket and the leather saddle bag was a great birthday present from my mister.  Since this photo I've added a brass bell from Velo Orange. Erich really helped out by fixing her up for me and now I can't imagine my days without her.

Just yesterday I rode her to the doctor. It was sublime.  But then it turned out that I forgot my key to my ulock.  I about had a panic attack worrying about her fate not locked to anything.  Luckily, the pharmacy let me store her inside with minimal jokes. She was safe! Huzzah for strangers!

Felix - This is John's Fuji Special Racer that I bought him for our 2 year anniversary.  He previously had a Schwinn Racer that wasn't quite his style.  Since upgrading to this beast, he can take hills with ease (much more ease than Fiona).  He's a fast lil bugger - Perfect for my mister.

Our bike family is perfect for us. How about yours?


  1. Your bike family is so reasonable and cute. My current bike family is enormous and unruly and taking up most of my living room. 16 and 1/2(one WIP) bikes at present. I don't have nearly enough errands to show them all the attention they deserve. Slowly weeding my way down towards a more rational corral. We have a craigslist problem.

  2. I have an obsession with the Craigslist bike section as well.

    Weeding down is certainly possibly, my older brother had 10 bikes until recently and now he's down to 3! Totally feasible.

  3. Family is looking good! And for heaven's sake, never say things like "We are not planning to expand any time soon," or "That's it for now, because we have no room for more bikes" - In my experience a statement like that pretty much guarantees more bicycles in your near future : )

    In our case, I have 4 bicycles (1 new and 3 vintage, one of which I've re-claimed from my parents' house) and the Co-Habitant has 3 bicycles (1 new and 2 vintage). Did I mention we live in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment?

  4. Haha, yeah, I'm always looking at the Craiglist bike pages for a fantastic deal. Luckily, I've learned to control it a little better. However, I've also told myself that if I moved to a different city (a more bike friendly one) I'd consider getting a snazzy new bike. Preferably the Pashley Sonnet Bliss.

    So, we'll see how that works out!

  5. Never say Never...especially when speaking of lovely vintage bikes. Ebay, Craigs List, friendly LBS mechanics, strangers on the street; all are ready and willing to enable your addiction. ;-)

    Love the family portrait. Ours varies from week to week depending on where we are and which ones of the 20 or so bikes we have with us to ride.


  6. Wow. 20 bikes? That sounds fantastic! (and time consuming). I don't think I could ever use that many bikes enough to justify owning them all.

    But man, if strangers gave me bikes I'd be so excited. I already check Craigslist multiple times a day for's an issue. Haha.


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