Friday, August 7, 2009

Urge to Splurge Subdued

Let's do a comparitive shopping analysis, shall we?

Miz Mooz - Randi
This gorgeous boot is made by Miz Mooz, I found it at (btw...Check that store out) when searching for some leathery riding boots for fall.  Granted, I was looking in the summer because of a recent fascination with them, but still.  I was in love.

Now, these boots cost roughly $100...on sale.  That's a lot of money.  You can see the conundrum I was faced with.  Still, I struggled for months. And then one day, they no longer had my size so my problem was solved.

Not quite.  I still desparately wanted a pair of riding boots.  I had this mental image of myself in them, riding Fiona around Grand Rapids in the chilly weather.  Watching the leaves change.  Eating sushi.  Oh life is grand in my mental images.

And then BAM! It hit me like a truck.  Browsing on, I saw what I considered to be a contender for fall boothood.

Old Navy Boot
What do you think? I think they're great! And at $35 they're an obvious deal.  So, miss Sam and I went out to the local Old Navy shop and there they were.  Very adorable.  In my size and everything!  I opted to get the darker brown color since I do already have a light brown boot.

Man, when I got them home and really tried them on, I was doubly sold.  They're super cute with jeans.  I'll need to practice wearing them with tights and dresses.   And now my feet are toasty in my cold, cold office! Everyone wins! Well, I win...


  1. I will also win when I buy those boots too. :)

  2. yes. we'll be winners together.

  3. Urge to splurge sounds vaguely dirty,

    No, scratch that. Completely dirty.

  4. You're the dirty one, miss. Taking it wrong and all. :)


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