Monday, September 30, 2013

Wolf Weekend

What did John and I do this weekend? Oh, nothing crazy just went to a wolf sanctuary in Indiana!!

John found out about this place somewhere in the abyss known as the internet and knew it'd be right up my alley so he sent me the info. Honestly, it sounded too good to be true.  You go to this place and donate $20 and get to interact with these majestic beauties? No way.  YES WAY!

So, we contacted one of my favorites who happens to live in Indianapolis (Hi Laura!) and set a plan of action.  I mean, I love visiting this girl anyway, so the added fun of seeing wolves just made me go out there sooner than normal. :)

Here's the gist of how this place (which is in the middle of nowhere) works.  You go in, and there are tons of super helpful and nice volunteers there who are super passionate about taking care of these wolves (most of which are rescues - some of which are born in captivity).  Then they take you out back and there's this sort of catwalk/walkway that goes through this wooded pen area and they take you to each one and you're just looking down at these huge wolves.

Each big pen is a pack.  There's an alpha male and alpha female and an omega and then a bunch of in between wolves.  It's so cool.  So you walk around (btw it was crazy hot) learning about each of them and hearing their stories and then you say "yes, I'm absolutely donating money to this cause and going in a cage with these guys".  Because duh, why would you ever say no to this experience?

There was a birthday party right before us so the wolves were a little worn out when we went in there.  But they came up and laid down next to us and let us scratch their bellies.  I felt bad because it was so hot out but they were already growing their winter coats so they seems even hotter than I was in my black pants.

Anyway. I'm not feeling very eloquent so here's some pictures.

John's new bff.

NBD. Just tickling a wolf's paw.

Okay, this is SO cute. This is Loki (the old Alpha) and Loki Sue (his mate and the current alpha female). They still hang out all freaking day. I love them.

If you're ever looking for something to do and you're relatively close to the Indianapolis area, you absolutely should check out Wolf Creek Habitat.  They are the nicest people and the coolest animals.  We might have to go back!


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