Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's a Kenvention!

Over the weekend, Kelly and I went out to Rosemont, IL to go to a Kenvention.  What's a "Kenvention" you ask?  Oh...just a barbie convention for Ken.  No big deal.

WHAT?  It's huge! And so cool!  So don't play it down! 

My step mom, Jean, is an avid Barbie collector and told us about the Kenvention a few months ago when we were stalking her collection in the basement back home.  The convention itself was sold out (and expensive) but they had a public sale that we could attend for like 5 bucks.  So we were sold.  It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.

There were just soooo many outfits to look at!  Barbie has a dream wardrobe.  And seeing so many cute things in one room was almost too much.  Not to mention the sheer volume of Barbies they had for sale.  Did you know there was a Cher Barbie?  Because it's awesome.  And there are Mulder and Scully Barbies? Way awesome.  But my favorite were the 'I Love Lucy' Barbies.  They had the most amazing and Lucy-like expressions.  See for yourself in the pictures below.

Next year's theme is going to be like a Hardy Boys mystery and it's in Wisconsin.  So we might have to check that shit out too.

Kelly - in Ken's living room

so many old school dolls
So smart - Barbie Mannequins
Seriously - look at her perfect face!

Oh!  Have you checked out Michigan Made this week?  I posted a tutorial on how to do a neat and easy nail art DIY.

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