Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Camping in Morris

Last weekend, John and I went camping at Gebhard State Park in Morris, IL with Ashdog.  The campground itself was sort of weird in that it was basically a wide open park you could put a tent.  But it was only $6 for a campsite that had a ton of nice amenities.  It had an abundance of fire pits, grills, and picnic tables which sound fantastic except that we didn't know there would be grills so we didn't bring any coal. womp womp.

We also were told that there would be plenty of firewood because some trees had fallen down recently and they'd been chopped up.  Unfortunately, all of that wood was soaked so John had to spend all day Saturday maintaining our baby fire.  But it was worth it to smell like bon fire at the end of the night.  

We spent the day internet free just hanging out by the fire, drinking contraband beer in coozies and trying really hard to focus on our books.  Spoiler: Neither of us read more than 5 pages.  Oops!  But we did complete some awesome Star Wars Mad Libs that I picked up the day before!  They were surprisingly entertaining and ridiculous.  Which is good to have around when you're in a tent in the dark.

Speaking of the definitely rained shortly after we passed out.  Which was terrifying and woke me up so fast.  I was terrified that our new tent would prove to not be rain proof.  But I had no need to fear because it was completely dry!  Holy crap! It was so awesome!  I think it's so weird how excited I am about a dry tent, but come on.  It was an inexpensive and awesome purchase.

Basically, camping was awesome.  And we're going to go back before it cools down too much.  And you should join us!  We promise to be more prepared next time. :)

Oh!  And have you checked out my new DIY Blog, Michigan Made?  Because this is our first week so you should definitely check it out!

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