Monday, December 27, 2010

Being Alone is Lonely

There are a few times when it would be nicer not to live alone:

- Grocery day

- The day after Christmas when you need to move things inside

- When you get your car stuck

- When the power goes out (slumber party!)

- When there's a bug that needs squashing

- When your dog needs to be taken to the vet due to an emergency.

On that last note, let's go ahead and point out how much it really sucks.  See, when Ash and I got home from our little Christmas trip home, he took the time to get into the garbage.  And then he ate himself some red velvet cake ball mixture.  And then we napped.

Upon waking, he puked red crap all over the side of the bed.  Then in the living room. Then in the living room again.  So, I took him to the emergency clinic.  He got some anti vomit and stomache achey stuff and we were sent home.  Then at 3am...more puke.  Blaaaah.

Decided to take him into the emergency clinic again.  Got the car stuck.  (Bonus: I unstuck it myself!) Took some x-rays. Massive blob in his stum.  So we induced vomitting.

Bingo bango - never making cake balls again.

Poor little guy!

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